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Recipe: Homemade Ketchup

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This is a recipe for homemade ketchup using fully ripened tomatoes. I hope you will like them Tips: (1) Please have your sterilized clean glass jar ready before making this. (2) If you don’t mind bumpy texture, you can omit the use of blender. (3) Each tomato differs in its acidity and sweetness. Please adjust the amount of vinegar and sugar to your taste. (4) You can also add chopped carrots or celery into the tomato mixture.                             Recipe: Homemade Ketchup Yield: About 1 cup Ingredients 1kg fully ripened tomatoes...

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Chicken Xacuti from Goa – not your traditional Indian food.

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Food from Goa is not your usual indian fanfare of explosive spices. Owing to it’s portuguese heritage, much of the region’s cuisine is imbued with new sour-spicy and sweet flavours. It’s less about pure spice and deep warmth from garam masala. That said, Xacuti (pronounced Shakuti) masala is a fiery curry base, paired with sweet cool coconut giving a delicious fresh portuguese-indian blend of flavour. photo: Pankaj Kaushal Chicken Xacuti Ingredients1 kg chicken, cut into big pieces5 grams turmeric powder1 tsp salt2 inches of ginger10 flakes garlic1/2 bunch fresh coriander5 green chillies2 tsp oil2 sliced onions2 slit green chillies1/4 cup water For...

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Mace & Nutmeg prices on the rise thanks to El Nino

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Basic background of nutmeg production in the world India and Indonesia, the two largest producers for Nutmeg in the world, both claim that this season Nutmeg crop has been severely damaged by El Niño. Indian production is general consumed within India, leaving Indonesia as the world’s largest exporter for the spice. Thus problems with Indonesian crop usually mean large pressures on Nutmeg sellers around the world. El Niño’s impact on Nutmeg and Mace farming El Niño is the natural phenomenon associated with a band of extra warm ocean waters, and accompanied by changes in air pressure. It’s unpredictable, and occurs every few...

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Regency explores: Nutmeg types

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We previously explored the stages of life of Nutmeg and Mace, and now we’re here again with more information on the exotic spice. This time, we’re looking at how much variance there is in the crop, and the different types of Nutmeg. First, the Regency Grade Nutmeg from Kerela, India that we’re proud to sell. This Nutmeg is Jumbo sized, slightly shrivelled on the outside, and part of the 1st selection that goes on with Nutmeg crop. Nutmeg goes through several selections throughout the season, as farmers unload more crop onto the market. Of these, the 1st selection is always the better goods...

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Tandoori Paneer just like home

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Our home favourite! This Paneer is unlike the common Matar Paneer or Palak Paneer you find it restaurants. It’s name comes from the Tandoor Oven used to cook it in – a special, cylindrical clay oven used in Indian cooking and baking, temperatures inside can reach as high as 480°C (900°F)! Of course at home, we just use an ordinary grill. This paneer takes on a delicious full-bodied flavour after being marinated in a blend of indian spices. It’s also served without a wet curry base – not needed when the paneer itself tastes so good. Works best as an...

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