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Recipe: Zongzi (chinese style dumplings)

five spice powder ginger recipes star anise

Both my Chinese and Japanese grandma make zongzi (or chimaki in Japanese). Yet, they differ quite a bit. The ones made by my Japanese grandma are very simple and eaten with sweetened kinako (roasted soy bean powder). On the contrary, the ones made by my Chinese grandma contain lots of seasoned ingredients. Today, I’d like to share the recipe for a Chinese version. It takes a bit of preparation time but it’s worth it.                                                Recipe: Zongzi Yield: About 10-12...

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Recipe: Herb Tea Mixture (Six Blends)

aniseed black pepper fennel ginger liquorice

When I was writing this article, I remembered a dialogue from a TV show which I watched in Japan more than a decade ago. It went like:          Man A: “Chinese foods are so oily. How do they stay fit?”          Man B: “They drink tea with their meal to wash it away.”I don’t quite remember whether it was a health program or a TV commercial for oolong tea. Yet, I also find Chinese foods a lot oilier than Japanese dishes. But these oily Chinese cuisines taste so good. Whenever I go for dim sum,...

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Recipe: Vegetable Gold Coins

cumin garam masala ginger recipes

This one’s our family’s own invention: vegetable gold coins. Think of them like an upgraded burger patty: overflowing with fresh ingredients and spices, but all kept together. When made well this one really tastes like a party in your mouth. Savoury, deep fried, and lots of fresh food: who can say no to that? Recipe: Vegetable Gold Coins Servings: 16 Gold Coins. Ingredients: 4 slices of crustless white bread 2 large potatoes, boiled with skin on 10 french beans finely chopped 1 carrot grated 1 cup of green peas boiled 1 tablespoon grated ginger a small bunch coriander leaves finely chopped...

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Recipe: Lentil Fritters (Dal Pakoras)

chilli ginger recipes turmeric

This is an all-time favorite when we have friends or family during wet and cold weekends when all we want is to sit at home, do as little as possible and still get to enjoy! Hot crispy pakoras with a warm cup of drink and you are ready for watching a movie or listening to old time favorite music. The combination of crispy mung dal, chilli powder, lemon and ginger makes it so good, that we as kids always wanted more and more of them. photo: Seba Della y Sole Bossio Recipe: Dal Pakoras (Lentil Fritters) Servings: Makes around 20 pakoras....

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Indian style cottage cheese & pea rolls

garam masala ginger ras el hanout recipes turmeric

This is one of our homemade inventions and looks like a superstar when served up as an appetizer – doesn’t need any frills in terms of garnishes and fancy plating to look good and taste great. The thick, soft potato shell with crisp outside melts in your mouth, whereas the fresh peas and cottage cheese are mouthwateringly good. When we served this one up at a recent friend gathering they immediately ran out as people took seconds, thirds, and even fourth helpings. What really makes the dish shine is the secret ingredients Ras El Hanout and Garam Masala paired with...

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