Spice Trade — cloves

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Recipe: White Wine Jelly

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This is for white wine lovers. I have never used white wine for dessert making in the past. But I found the use of various spices along with white wine to make a splendid dessert was so unique and that I thought I would share this alluring jelly recipe invented by a chef from Hakkakuan in Osaka, Japan, in English Recipe: White Wine Jelly Serving: 4 Ingredients 750ml white wine 210g granulated sugar 3 star anise 15 cloves 15 black peppercorns 1 thai red ruby 1 grape fruit 1 orange 3 gelatin sheets Ice cream (for topping) Cooking instructions In a cooking pot, combine...

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The Zanzibar Clove Spice market

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To many foreigners, the name Zanzibar evokes an idea of an exotic, lavish, beautiful island, famed for it’s spices and sea trade. However great the spices are, the truth is far from beautiful. In contrast, the country is in poverty as well as decline. The country that is renowned in the spice trade for it’s production of top grade Cloves, is gradually in decline. Why? Source, thanks to: http://www.intracen.org The end consumer has no idea about where their spices come from, and why Zanzibar’s cloves are superior to those grown in other parts of the world. As Cloves are one of...

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Cloves and Black pepper on the move

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Black Pepper Vietnamese Pepper, normally bought for it’s cheaper cost compared to Indian Black Pepper, has been falling gradually in price. Prices have dropped nearly 20% in the last few months. Brazilian Black Pepper, a fairly new cultivator in the market, has shown new promise. Supply has been up and prices are very competitive this season. We will try it out and report back! However, at the moment, quality is not so great – many goods are unclean, similar to black pepper crop in Madagascar that we frequently hear complaints about. Indian crop has been good this season too, in...

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10 Health Benefits of Cloves

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Cloves might look innocent, but they are an ancient spice with medicinal properties documented in both traditional home remedies and modern scientific literature. We realised this many decades ago in India, as many of our industry customers bought cloves for toothpaste, and advertised them as the key ingredient inside. As most home remedies and such are viewed with skepticism, we’ve compiled a list with scientific sources to back up the claims, to bring what was once exclusively Ayurvedic beliefs into the modern world. Based on this new knowledge, it’s no wonder that so many cosmetic products use the ingredient as...

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Baklava (Recipe)

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Baklava is one of those desserts that you will never forget once you try it. It can be best described as the dessert answer to the Croissant. It’s native to the remains of the Ottoman Empire (for example Turkey or the Middle East), and is also very popular in parts of Asia. Baklava is a technical dish, but only requires a small number of ingredients. It’s also well worth the effort. A good baklava is layered with flavour and fit for a king. In fact, it is believed to have been developed in the Imperial palace kitchens in Turkey centuries...

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