Seasonings & Blends

At Regency Spices, we grind and blends all our spices in-house, having total control of all our recipes and ingredients. As a result, our spices taste fresher and carry a bigger punch in aroma and flavour. The spices themselves are also freshly ground in Hong Kong, rather than pre-ground spices. All this means that a little bit goes a long way in comparison to ordinary ground blends on a supermarket shelf, which may have been ground as old as a year before they finally hit your kitchen pantry.

Thanks to our in-house master blending knowledge, we also tweak our blends slightly each season to have consistent flavours. Whereas a particular spice such as Cumin may be a little stronger this season, or a Kashmiri Chilli may be slightly milder, we adjust our blends accordingly to get a consistent flavour profile batch after batch. We also proudly do not add any additives such as anti-caking agents, preservatives, oil or salt to dilute our blends. They are made 100% naturally, just the way we would be comfortable to consume them ourselves.