Discover a new world of herbs using Regency Spices - the very best herbs, sourced from their traditional origins where they grow best. For almost all our range, we work directly with farmers / farmer cooperatives to have maximum control over quality of our product. All our herbs are sourced from origins where they have traditionally grown for hundreds of years, and the people handling them have been handling them for generations - these experts are the only ones whom we will trust for growing and processing the top crop. We avoid to buy from cultivated origins (as the flavours just don't hit the mark completely. For instance, our Oregano is famously and exclusively sourced from Turkey, where it has grown for thousands of years. Although it may be controversial, we don't buy lesser varieties such as Moroccan or Mexican Oregano, which are still relatively new cultivators, and we find that volatile oil content in these varieties of Oregano are not quite as potent, and flavours are milder.

Try our Regency herbs and experience better tasting food immediately.