With our superior quality, using Regency Spices can transform good cooks into great ones.

We don't believe in keeping prices artificially low and tampering with our quality to make costs match. Instead, we maintain our pristine top quality spices and ingredients throughout the seasonal and market price fluctuations. Our prices will go up AND down with time, but our quality will stay the same for the years to come. All our spices are freshly ground and freshly blended using the same quality whole spices. Have a taste and see why we're special!

What people are saying about Regency Spices Store Hong Kong

As soon as I opened the packaging, I could immediately smell the freshness of the Saffron. I've never seen Saffron this good before, it's even better than the best I had bought previously from Dubai 5 years ago.- Rekha Dey, Hong Kong.

The fragrance of the Saffron and Cardamom was really striking in comparison with anything I've used before. The smell from opening the packaging is overwhelmingly good.- Dr. Kalpana Bhende, Hong Kong.

The Saffron smells heavenly, I actually don't remember Saffron smelling this good before!- Celia Hu, Hong Kong.

Just as in past years, your service and products are excellent. I've sung your praises often, and was glad to hear that some of the people I referred bought from you and were happy with their orders as well. Many thanks. - Virginia, Hong Kong.

Why buy Regency Herbs and Spices

We've been doing this for decades. Check out our reviews on each product - they speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on our flavor, and our product is really good. Our spices are carefully selected from the best varieties in the world. Every single spice is carefully tested by us, and we only sell a single variety at a time. The quality of our spices is top notch and completely pure, since they're never irradiated or preserved with chemicals. We almost exclusively buy whole spices and grind them-inhouse to be absolutely certain about the purity. You'll be able to taste the quality in every bite. Our spice products are perfect for all diners, even the pickiest.

We care about your food experience. We know that today, people care about where their food comes from and how it's made. We believe food should be authentic and free of added preservatives, artificial flavours, and artificial colours. We know that this is what you deserve. Most importantly, we aim to provide the high quality flavours that existed in traditional times in our spice trade - flavours that have been lost due to mass production, over processing, and cutting corners to keep prices low. We partner with the greatest farmers and processors around the world to provide the highest grades achievable in spices.

Through our 70+ years of experience in the industry, we know our spices inside-out and can provide the best tasting varieties attainable worldwide for each of our spices. Tastes are changing, and cooks who seek the absolute best possible for each ingredient know that we can provide it for them - that's why we've been in business for so long! We quickly became the leading shop for buying Indian spices and herbs in Hong Kong, and now have added our extended range of exotic herbs and spices from around the world - we source products from over 30 countries now. Read more about our heritage here.

✔ Guaranteed satisfaction, buy with confidence

✔ Highest quality herbs and spices. ✔ No mixing or dilution with cheap varieties. ✔ 100% natural ingredients. ✔ No MSG. ✔ No added colouring. ✔ No preservatives. ✔ No artificial flavours. ✔ Free from irradiation. ✔ No compromise on taste. Unlike almost all food retailers, we DO accept returns. Please read our Returns Policy for specifics. As we're also extremely closely tied to the market, we also pass on price falls in the market to our customers. We may also increase prices from time to time, and this is because we want to make sure we maintain the same pristine quality all throughout the year.

Pay cash on delivery!

We respect your privacy and know that some customers do not prefer to pay using credit cards or Paypal accounts online. For our Hong Kong customers, Regency Spices now accepts cash on delivery for all orders! No minimum spend requirement.

*Delivery all over HK, for free! Weight rated shipping fees on all international orders.

All Hong Kong deliveries over HKD100 have free shipping! Small orders have a nominal HKD20 added on to cover our costs. Small orders are sent through SF Express. Larger orders on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories (not including outlying islands) can qualify for free shipping by our team of vans. All orders can be tracked, no matter where you are in Hong Kong. See our delivery terms for more details on cutoffs and delivery times.

International Deliveries are fulfilled by Fedex through our bulk discounted rates. We don't believe on profiting through delivery charges, so you only pay for shipping based on how much you buy. For international orders over 10kg, we recommend to contact our salesteam for a quote.

*TWO free samples for each order!

Select any two samples from our entire range of samples and enter it in the shopping cart page. A box for sample requests will appear once you have added anything to your cart. Samples will be the same size shown available for sale as on its product page. Kindly note some products do not have sample sizes available due to the large size unable to split down smaller (e.g. Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles, Vanilla beans and few others).

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Chai Masala
Chai Masala

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