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Do you want to add spice to your life? Regency Spices can do that for you! We are a trusted name and have provided the highest quality spices since 1951. Our quality has remained consistent over the years, and we only deal with premium ingredients to give you spices that can elevate the taste of your food.


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Spices may only be 1% of a dish, but they bring out 90% of the flavour. That's why we take great care in sourcing and preparing our spices. All our spices are freshly ground and thoroughly tested before reaching our customers. And because we never use any chemical preservatives, you can be sure that our spices are in their purest form.

But it's not just the freshness that sets our spices apart; they also boast superior flavor thanks to being sourced from the best origins for each individual ingredient. So go ahead and indulge in the true taste of our spice blends – because delicious food is a celebration worth savoring.


TWO Free Samples for Each Order!

Request any two samples from our entire range of spices in the shopping cart. A text box for sample requests will appear once you have added anything to your cart. Samples will be the same size shown and available for sale on the product page. Kindly note some products do not have sample sizes available due to their large size.


Why Buy Regency Herbs and Spices

The competition is tough in the spice world. Many brands out there claim to give you original spices, but they hardly ever pull through. We pledge to give you exactly what we promise here at Regency Spices.

Our main motto is never to compromise on quality. No matter what happens, we will always ensure you get the highest quality items. This is why we do not have any fixed prices, and our rates are subject to change as per the market trends. Moreover, we take no chances when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers; you can avail of a return policy and send back the items you are not fully satisfied with.

All items can be returned back for full refund or exchange within 30 days, no questions asked.

That's how much we believe in our product.To get more clarity on the returns, you can read our return policy and get all the information you need. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

All our spices are naturally farmed and processed from fresh season's crop. They are sold pure in their whole form wherever possible. As a result, you can admire their unique natural flavours and aromas - astoundingly different from what's commonly available in the supermarket.

Regency's founders have been importing spices since back in 1951! As a result, we have generations of great connections with farms and spice producers at origin around the world. You can expect to get spices at least at half the price per gram compared to a high street shop, and when buying in bulk, much much more. What's better is we are proud to say the quality of our spices is unmatched in Hong Kong, and possibly worldwide! We also link our spices to the export spice prices, so that our consumers can enjoy the very best prices. In case the commodity price falls, so will ours!

If you're in our local city of Hong Kong, shipping is free, with a minimum of just HKD100! Free shipping is fulfilled by SF Express in 2-4 working days depending on your address. Most deliveries arrive in 1-2 working days. Our working days are Monday to Friday, not including public holidays. If your order is below HKD100, we charge a nominal HKD20 for the shipping. We also offer paid shipping by our super speedy drivers, delivered to most addresses within Hong Kong on the next working day, same day delivery is also possible for orders placed early morning. We strongly believe in letting everyone have access to our favourite herbs and spices, which have been enjoyed by our traditional indian households for centuries, but lost in recent years. International shipping varies by weight. Please refer to our delivery information for international pricing.

Our spices are stored in a temperature controlled environment in our warehouse, vacuum sealed whenever it benefits the shelf life, and ground and packed fresh in Hong Kong. To ensure their freshness, we pack our spices using the highest quality resealable aluminium bags. These are airtight, so your spices will remain fresher for longer. They are also opaque to provide the best protection from heat and light. The larger sized bags have a small window - by popular demand. We also offer glass jar packaging for convenient access on a kitchen rack.

Yes! We now offer freshly ground spices for most of our products. We grind and blend all the spices several times a month, so that the aroma and flavour will be as fresh as possible, and price is economical too. You can select the grind option before adding each item to your cart. Note that this will cost HKD 10 for most items. Unlike ordinarily found powdered spices, our powdered spices are made from the highest quality ingredients - the very same quality that you can buy whole, whereas many retailers will use their less good looking pieces to powder! Please note that colour of ground spice will not be identical to the whole spice colour, the colour is usually slightly lighter, as more light reflects off the powder than the whole spice.

Our spices and ingredients are 100% natural and pure, and effectively as good as organic spices! However, due to where many of our suppliers and connections are located, many of our spices cannot be certified organic. For ingredients with international Organic standard Transaction Certificates, we have named these as ORGANIC in our website. For all others, we can promise that they are free from added chemicals or preservatives, colourings, and also have no GMO (genetically modified organisms) or MSG (Monosodium glutamate).


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