Spice Trade — black pepper

... and a few other articles on cooking with spices!

Recipe: Herb Tea Mixture (Six Blends)

aniseed black pepper fennel ginger liquorice

When I was writing this article, I remembered a dialogue from a TV show which I watched in Japan more than a decade ago. It went like:          Man A: “Chinese foods are so oily. How do they stay fit?”          Man B: “They drink tea with their meal to wash it away.”I don’t quite remember whether it was a health program or a TV commercial for oolong tea. Yet, I also find Chinese foods a lot oilier than Japanese dishes. But these oily Chinese cuisines taste so good. Whenever I go for dim sum,...

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Recipe: White Wine Jelly

black pepper cloves recipes star anise

This is for white wine lovers. I have never used white wine for dessert making in the past. But I found the use of various spices along with white wine to make a splendid dessert was so unique and that I thought I would share this alluring jelly recipe invented by a chef from Hakkakuan in Osaka, Japan, in English Recipe: White Wine Jelly Serving: 4 Ingredients 750ml white wine 210g granulated sugar 3 star anise 15 cloves 15 black peppercorns 1 thai red ruby 1 grape fruit 1 orange 3 gelatin sheets Ice cream (for topping) Cooking instructions In a cooking pot, combine...

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Recipe: Creamy Mashed Potatoes

bay leaves black pepper chillies garlic recipes

Nobody can resist the perfect creamy mashed potatoes. Usually some bits always come out lumpy, or they’re just bland, but with this method you can make the perfect mashed potatoes every time. These mashed potatoes are so good that they don’t even need to be an accompaniment to a main, you can eat them by themselves as a snack in the middle of the day. Recipe: Mashed Potatoes Servings: 4 Ingredients – 600g Yukon gold potatoes (Or Russet potatoes)– 1/2 teaspoon salt– 2 bay leaves– 1/2 60ml heavy cream, warmed (microwave is ok)– 30g butter, warmed (microwave is ok)– 1 teaspoon garlic...

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Recipe: Jambalaya Rice

black pepper cayenne pepper dried lime green peppercorns paprika recipes

Jambalaya is not one of the first things people think of when cooking a pot luck meal in Hong Kong. Yet it’s full of flavour, and the perfect recipe for success if you’re out to feed an army. This highly nutritious dish will have you set for 2 or 20, and you can customise it with any fillings you like. There’s a lot of ingredients going in, and that means a lot of exciting flavours with each mouthful. So even though it’s just one dish, Jambalaya tastes like a dozen all jam-packed together. A word of warning though… like all...

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Recipe: Curried Quinoa

bay leaves black pepper curry powder parsley quinoa recipes

Quinoa is another versatile grain that’s come to light with recent diet studies. It’s a great substitute for rice or pasta in some recipes, as it overcomes many of the shortcomings of most other grains like wheat. It’s not purely carbohydrate, it also packs some healthy fats, proteins, and a lot of micronutrients.    Here’s a recipe to let quinoa do all the work, while enjoying the same great flavours you wouldn’t expect in a healthy dish. Recipe: Curried Quinoa Servings: 4 Ingredients– 2 Cups Water– 1 cup White Quinoa, uncooked– 1/2 cup Yellow Onions, chopped– 2 Cloves Garlic, crushed– 1/2...

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