Spice Trade — ras el hanout

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Ras El Hanout enhanced Kachori (Indian fried dumpling snack)

ras el hanout recipes

In our home Kachori wasn’t a very popular dish until we invented this version, with the moroccan twist using our Ras El Hanout. Ras El Hanout is a blend of spices that varies from brand to brand. Typically it consists of allspice, ginger, nutmeg, chillies, thyme and salt, plus 5-10 different spices that are the best of the best in stock for each spice trader. At Regency, this includes our Allspice, Cardamom, Cubeb Peppers, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cloves, Mace, Green Peppercorns and some others. The blend is so well balanced that it works with nearly any savoury dish, and we found it makes Kachori have that extra wow factor....

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Indian style cottage cheese & pea rolls

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This is one of our homemade inventions and looks like a superstar when served up as an appetizer – doesn’t need any frills in terms of garnishes and fancy plating to look good and taste great. The thick, soft potato shell with crisp outside melts in your mouth, whereas the fresh peas and cottage cheese are mouthwateringly good. When we served this one up at a recent friend gathering they immediately ran out as people took seconds, thirds, and even fourth helpings. What really makes the dish shine is the secret ingredients Ras El Hanout and Garam Masala paired with...

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A taste of Africa: Chicken Tagine

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We’ve rarely done african food, but while developing our recipe for Ras El Hanout, we came across this great recipe for a Chicken Tagine. With a few modifications, here’s the final version. It’s extremely aromatic, healthy, and bursting with flavour from the spices. This dish takes it’s name from the Tagine it’s cooked in. The tagine imparts a warm, clay aroma to the dish, which is preferred by many africans who can appreciate the slow cooked and traditional cooking method. Serve with couscous as a main dish. Serves: 2 as a main Ingredients 125g green olives40ml olive oil1 medium onion,...

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Regency explores the spice blend Ras El Hanout

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One item that’s recently caught our attention is the Moroccan spice blend Ras El Hanout. It’s used throughout North Africa as a popular spice blend (not to be confused with Berbere, a similar looking but altogether different blend). Being a blend, it’s susceptible to many impurity problems that are widespread in the spice trade. Traders often blend in cheap ingredients that otherwise they would be ashamed to sell whole, as we illustrated in our research of garlic powder dilution. Ras El Hanout is even more susceptible, because it’s a blend of many spices. Not only can poor quality items be mixed in,...

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