Spice Trade — almonds

... and a few other articles on cooking with spices!

Our favourite Pumpkin Pie recipe

almonds pumpkin pie spices recipes

This pumpkin pie recipe is our true favourite: the first time we made it we could smell it from a distance, and from the very first time ever – the pie tasted even better than it smelled! Every nuance in the pumpkin pie spices can be tasted, and they match beautifully with the sweet earthiness of fresh pumpkins. The recipe takes a while, but is guaranteed to go down a storm when done. This pie is a perfect treat for the Halloween festivities. Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Servings: 8 IngredientsFor the dough:200 g of Flour80 g Butter80 g Sugar1 Egg½ tablespoon Baking PowderPinch...

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A raw delight: Coconut-Vanilla pie

almonds coconut macadamia recipes vanilla

photo: Moni Antonova An exotic recipe which is not only tasty, but healthy and easy to make. It’s entirely raw, no heating required. Many people believe raw food provides the body with various critical enzymes and proteins that are broken down in cooking. These “Raw foodies” believe that most nutritional value is lost when cooking. All we know is that this recipe tastes great, is easy to make, and really shines when using good quality ingredients. We suggest using only big, thick beans (at least 3g a piece) as these beans have had enough time to mature and give good...

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Vanilla Almond Cookies

almonds recipes vanilla

Cookies can be the most wondrous dessert when done right. Our family recipe is fairly new, but tastes delicious and begged for by relatives each time we go to visit. The secret is chopped almonds and fine vanilla pods used in cooking. The almonds make the texture of the cookie dough more exciting: a playful mix between chewy and crunchy. We also proudly use fresh vanilla pods instead of weak, almost artificial tasting vanilla extract for the flavouring. It’s very powerful, and just 1 large vanilla pod can flavour the entire batch of cookies! You can even use the vanilla...

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