Spice Trade — paprika

... and a few other articles on cooking with spices!

Recipe: Hummus

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If you make peanut butter at home, then making hummus (chickpea paste) should be a piece of cake for you. I have tried other types of beans such as lentils, but I have always come back to chickpeas. Most often I use hummus in place of meat to add nutty and fatty flavor to go with a dish. Dishes I have tried hummus with include tacos, nachos, quesadilla, sandwich and what not. Of course it goes very well with fresh vegetable sticks. I often overeat celery with hummus because they are so good! This recipe uses a food processor, but it can be made...

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Regency explores: Paprika

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Clockwise from top: Chilli Powder, Paprika Powder ASTA 180, Paprika Powder ASTA 160, Paprika Powder ASTA 120, Paprika Powder ASTA 100.Centre: Paprika Powder ASTA 140. Paprika is an odd spice, usually assumed to be it’s own species, but is actually from the humble bell pepper plant! That’s right, paprika is another variety of chilli pepper. Paprika isn’t hot. Quite the contrary, it’s very aromatic and naturally a little sweet. Paprika has been used for supposedly 400-500 years, starting in Hungary and Spain. Over the last 100-200 years, it’s usage has become more widespread because of the natural colouring properties of...

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Recipe: Jambalaya Rice

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Jambalaya is not one of the first things people think of when cooking a pot luck meal in Hong Kong. Yet it’s full of flavour, and the perfect recipe for success if you’re out to feed an army. This highly nutritious dish will have you set for 2 or 20, and you can customise it with any fillings you like. There’s a lot of ingredients going in, and that means a lot of exciting flavours with each mouthful. So even though it’s just one dish, Jambalaya tastes like a dozen all jam-packed together. A word of warning though… like all...

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