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Regency explores: Long Pepper

knowledge base long pepper

Long Pepper Indonesia has been very popular in ancient times, for its medical and dietary properties not only in Asia, but widely used by the Greeks and the Romans. As a matter of fact, it is one of the earliest spices to have reached Europe, and was used as a currency!  After the introduction of the black pepper in Europe, because of it’s higher price, the fame of the long pepper quickly faded away. Let’s see where the Long Pepper is placed nowadays.  Long Pepper is a close relative to Black Pepper, with similar taste but hotter and slightly sweeter than...

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Regency explores: Paprika

knowledge base paprika

Clockwise from top: Chilli Powder, Paprika Powder ASTA 180, Paprika Powder ASTA 160, Paprika Powder ASTA 120, Paprika Powder ASTA 100.Centre: Paprika Powder ASTA 140. Paprika is an odd spice, usually assumed to be it’s own species, but is actually from the humble bell pepper plant! That’s right, paprika is another variety of chilli pepper. Paprika isn’t hot. Quite the contrary, it’s very aromatic and naturally a little sweet. Paprika has been used for supposedly 400-500 years, starting in Hungary and Spain. Over the last 100-200 years, it’s usage has become more widespread because of the natural colouring properties of...

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Honey & Cinnamon, a natural medicine!

cassia cinnamon knowledge base

Usually we at Regency aren’t into posting about natural remedies, but here’s one that has been investigated and confirmed by modern science, so we are comfortable to share it with you. Of course, before starting any treatment, do consult a specialist. And we also aren’t making any claims that this will work for you! Regency Grade Ceylon Sticks, Alba In many cultures of the world, a mixture of honey and cinnamon has served as a traditional cure. Today’s scientists understand that honey is a good medicine for curing various ailments, and until now has no known side effects for treating...

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Mace & Nutmeg prices on the rise thanks to El Nino

knowledge base mace market news nutmeg

Basic background of nutmeg production in the world India and Indonesia, the two largest producers for Nutmeg in the world, both claim that this season Nutmeg crop has been severely damaged by El Niño. Indian production is general consumed within India, leaving Indonesia as the world’s largest exporter for the spice. Thus problems with Indonesian crop usually mean large pressures on Nutmeg sellers around the world. El Niño’s impact on Nutmeg and Mace farming El Niño is the natural phenomenon associated with a band of extra warm ocean waters, and accompanied by changes in air pressure. It’s unpredictable, and occurs every few...

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How to use Coriander Seeds and where they come from

coriander knowledge base

Some know Coriander by it’s spanish name Cilantro, however the name is a little confusing: Coriander usually refers to the ripe and dried seeds of the plant, whereas Cilantro usually refers to the leaves of the plant. Coriander is an incredibly versatile plant.  All parts of the plant are edible. The most used parts are the fruit and the leaves. Although its exact origins remains a mystery, coriander has been extensively cultivated for centuries in many temperate climates such as the Middle East, Latin America, the Southern part of Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Nowadays the world’s largest producer by far...

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