Spice Trade — turmeric

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Indian style cottage cheese & pea rolls

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This is one of our homemade inventions and looks like a superstar when served up as an appetizer – doesn’t need any frills in terms of garnishes and fancy plating to look good and taste great. The thick, soft potato shell with crisp outside melts in your mouth, whereas the fresh peas and cottage cheese are mouthwateringly good. When we served this one up at a recent friend gathering they immediately ran out as people took seconds, thirds, and even fourth helpings. What really makes the dish shine is the secret ingredients Ras El Hanout and Garam Masala paired with...

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Thepla (Special Indian Bread)

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Sometimes rotis are simply too boring, or unappealing in an Indian house. So we tend to cook a variety of different breads. Naans, Roomali Rotis, Puris have all started to grow popular and found around the world. One less well known bread is the Indian Thepla. This bread is usually mixed with “methi” (fenugreek leaves) plus some other spices and tastes great even by itself. The spice doesn’t come through too strong, just enough for flavour and aroma, much like many western breads.  The great part about Thepla is that unlike most Indian breads, this bread can be stored at...

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Turmeric market report

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Turmeric prices have been on the up for months now. Many traders and factories have been found to be holding stocks of the previous crop, and unwilling to release much of this season’s crop. They believe that demand is high, and the new season crop isn’t as good. Naturally, prices will rise. We’ve heard some traders say they expect prices to increase over 70-80% by October! Some buyers have also been complaining that new crop goods have moisture content that is too high, so they still aren’t willing to buy… another reason for the price rise. We noted unusual rains...

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Fragrant Black Daal

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Indian’s almost all unanimously agree that the king of daals is the Black Daal. Rather blandly named, this daal is a rich, thick daal made using black lentils. It’s lightly, but carefully spiced, and an absolute joy to eat with rice. If you’re going out to a north indian restaurant in a large group, this will undoubtedly get ordered. Hope you enjoy our family rendition! Recipe: Fragrant Black Daal Serves 4 Ingredients 100g dried black gram (mungo bean), soaked for about 6-8 hours 1 tbsp single cream 1 tsp butter 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds 1/2 tsp Ground Cumin 1/2 tsp Ground Coriander seeds...

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Spicy Tomato Rasam (Indian soup) the fresh way

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Rasam is one of the most popular Indian “soups” across the entire Indian subcontinent. This recipe uses fresh spices for an authentic home style taste – no tamarind paste or pre-made rasam powder is used in this recipe. As a result, it’s light, tangy, spicy, minimal fat and sugars so it’s even quite healthy! Tomato rasam goes best with South Indian dishes such as hot Idli and Vadas, but you can also drink it plain as a soup with some warm bread. Recipe: Spicy Tomato Rasam (Indian Soup) Serves: 4 Ingredients7 medium sized tomatoes, blanched300-500ml water based on your preference,...

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