Market Update: Caraway, Quinoa, Chillies

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Chilli prices have started stabilizing after reaching a new peak all around the world: Kashmiri Chilli, our set of Peruvian Chillies (Panca, Mirasol) as well as Yidu Chilli have all gone up dramatically since the start of the year. Chilli crop usually comes at end of Winter / start of Spring. As we get deeper into summer, stocks are low and prices are near their highest.

Caraway Seed prices are now at their lowest point in the last 2-3 years. This crop grows fast and is prone to overstocking. We expect a big rise next year.

Quinoa prices are slowly starting to drop again. White Quinoa suddenly became one of the most expensive quinoas starting from late 2018. We had bought large contracts that are expiring soon, but fortunately pricing seems to be coming down again.

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