Chilli (Yidu)
Chilli (Yidu)

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The best chilli for making sauces and stews! Yidu Chilli has a natural deep red colour, meaning when powdered it still looks beautiful and easily dyes whatever liquid it comes into contact with into a bright red. They also have a medium/high heat level, and can easily satisfy lovers of spicy food.

Chilli (Yidu) Cooking Notes:

Cuisine: Chinese, Mexican, African, Middle-Eastern, American.

Food Pairings: Stews, sauces, rubs, chillies, wherever colour is important without adding too much heat

Flavour / Tastes Like: Warm, Pepper, Fruity

Serving size: 1 gram (one third of a pod) to 3 grams (1 pod)

Directions for use: Chop into 1-2cm pieces to use the spice. If you need to powder, use an electric spice grinder. Optional Tip: Remove seeds to reduce the spiciness.

Recipes: Mapo Doufu

Chilli (Yidu) Technical Notes:

Origin: Xinjiang, China

Quality*: Stemless, Large, Bright Red

Appearance: 3 pods per 10 grams

Industry Knowledge: Amicably known as the sauce chili, Yidu is a chili variety known for its prime use in stews, sauces and rubs. Yidu is one of the rare chilies that looks exceptionally bright on the inside as well as on the outside, with a medium heat level (specifically 10,000-13,000 SHU), so it is commonly used to adjust the colour profile of dishes while providing them with a mellow heat level. Yidu chilies are sold in a number of varieties, based on their colour and size. The larger chillies, sourced by us, command higher prices due to their ease of use. Yidu chilies need to be soaked longer than other chillies to extract the maximum flavour, which is well worth the wait considering their unique additions. Ours are also sold with stems removed, so that each last gram can be used.

Also known as: Capsicum frutescens, SAUCE CHILLI, ईदू मिर्च, 益都辣椒


Please note that our ingredients are 100% natural and processed using traditional methods. As a result there may be some visible imperfections. Our spices will have variations in size and colour due to factors such as the amount of sunlight they received when growing, or the amount of rainfall in a particular season. These differences in appearance are entirely normal, and are the result of not treating them with any chemicals, reducing unnecessary hand selection, and minimizing waste.

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Chilli (Yidu)

Chilli (Yidu)

Always buying this when making Adjika Paste.
Excellent quality!

Excellent Quality

Arrived in good condition. Excellent quality

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