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Garlic Granules
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Garlic Granules can be used to conveniently add garlic flavour to dishes. Our garlic granules are made from the highest quality garlic, and when stored correctly can be highly flavourful, and a good substitute for fresh garlic. In fact, because they are small granules, they melt into sauces with ease, leaving no unsavoury pieces, often making them even better than the fresh counterpart!

Garlic Granules Cooking Notes:

Cuisine: All cuisines!

Food Pairings: Stir fries, soups, fish dishes, roasts, barbeques, rubs, meat, vegetable dishes, dumplings, casseroles, meat loaf, curries, dressing

Serving size: 0.5 grams - 1 gram (dehydrated garlic is many times more concentrated in flavour than fresh)

Flavour: Bay, Spice, Slight Sweetness

Usage: Use a generous pinch of the spice directly as it is to replace fresh garlic. Garlic granules can melt into sauces, stir fries and other hot dishes.

Recipes: Goan Xacuti ChickenSichuan Style Spicy Chicken, Creamy Mashed PotatoesFish Tacos, Homemade MayonnaiseMustard ShrimpPanch Phoran Roasted Potatoes

Garlic Granules Technical Notes:

Origin: Shandong, China

Quality*: No root, Grade A, 26-40 Mesh

Industry Knowledge: Garlic may possibly be one of the oldest spice of them all. And it's no wonder, Garlic is popular in almost every region's cuisine, and much like salt, makes ingredients in most savoury dishes taste stronger. Garlic comes in many varieties, and while the first garlics are native to Central Asia, they are now grown extensively throughout the world. We find that amongst all the garlics, the best tasting and one of the most expensive varieties is the one from North-Eastern China, around Shandong Province. This garlic tastes slightly wilder and more flavourful, yet has its undeniably spiced and sweet flavours. It's instantly pleasant to taste, and in it's raw form is highly adaptable to all kinds of cooking. Our garlic granules have roots removed, and are dehydrated using a sophisticated dehydrator and granulator, The garlic granules look uniformly bright, and have a serious potency. These granules are approximately 0.5mm in length, just slightly more coarse than a powder.

Dehydrated Garlic Granules are most suitable for cooking into stews, soups, meat loaf and casseroles. As they are in a granular form, they can also melt into sauces and liquids, further expanding their usage. Dehydrated garlic in slow cooked dishes bring out the garlic flavour in ways that are not achievable with fresh garlic, as they have all their flavours kept intact since they were farmed. Dehydrated Garlic also doesn't spoil easily, and our perfect variety has the potential to taste even better in fast cooked dishes compared to fresh garlic. Our garlic granules come in a mesh size 26-40mm. If you prefer dishes where the garlic slices can still be individually seen and felt, you may be interested in our Garlic Flakes for this exact purpose.

Also known as Allium sativum, सूखा लहसुन दाना, 蒜粒


Please note that our ingredients are 100% natural and processed using traditional methods. As a result there may be some visible imperfections. Our spices will have variations in size and colour due to factors such as the amount of sunlight they received when growing, or the amount of rainfall in a particular season. These differences in appearance are entirely normal, and are the result of not treating them with any chemicals, reducing unnecessary hand selection, and minimizing waste.

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Vivian Tsung
Amazing Delivery

I have ordered 2 times from Regency Spices and both times received my order on the next day. What amazing service and quality! 👍👍👍

Ana Hernandez

Garlic Granules

Yan Yee Tang

Garlic Granules

Jens Schaefer
Garlic granules

Top notch quality just as always

All natural ingredients and can keep for long time.

Very good product

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