Peek into the Spice Trade

... and a few other articles on cooking with spices!


cloves market news

Crop in Madagascar is much smaller this season. Prices for Cloves have started looming upwards. Wild exchange fluctuations are also resulting in market chaos.  

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cumin market news

Cumin found in China has a much bigger crop this season (still inferior to Indian Cumin in terms of taste). However price has strong due to international demand for the spice.   

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Vietnamese Cassia and Star Anise

cassia market news star anise

EU Alert – Whole Star Anise and Cassia from Vietnam may be coloured in Vietnam using a non-food approved Dye – Solvent Orange 3. This has led to brighter colour appearances, but unsafe product for health reasons. We also find the taste to be artificial.   

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cassia market news

Cassia new crop arrives – late and smaller than ever before. Prices are up, and hard to get quality. Due to increase in costs of cassia farming, and poor weather.  

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