One of the best ways to Spoil your family and beloved ones now!

The Regency Spoil Me Now Set is the perfect gift for the festive season to spoil your dearest family and friends. Share Regency's bestsellers: Israeli Super Jumbo Medjool Dates (approx. 30g per piece), Persian Rose Buds, Moroccan Lemon Verbena, and a special blend of our nuts and dry fruits in the luxury trail mix. Great for healthy snacking, great for brewing a light tea. Perfect for any occasion!

All these in lovely airtight, reusable glass bottles.

This set comes with free delivery all over Hong Kong. Delivery usually takes 2-4 working days. Add HKD50 to get urgent next day delivery to HK Island, Kowloon & part of New Territories (For orders received on Mon-Fri ONLY).

Gift Set includes:
- Airtight Glass Jar Rose Buds (40 grams net)
- Airtight Glass Jar Lemon Verbena (10 grams net)
- Airtight Glass Jar Luxury Trail Mix - White Mulberries, Green Skinned Pistachios, Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Nuts (130 grams net)
- Airtight Glass Jar Super Jumbo Medjool Dates - 6 pcs (approx. 185 grams net)

SPOIL ME NOW Gift Set: https://regencyspices.hk/collections/starter-kits/products/spoil-me-now-set


Regency Spoil Me Now禮盒套裝是節慶日子的完美禮物,好好寵愛一下家人和好友!禮盒包括 Regency Spices最暢銷的產品:以色列特大帝王椰棗 (Jumbo Medjool Dates) (每顆約30)伊朗玫瑰花蕾 (Rose Buds)摩洛哥檸檬馬鞭草 (Lemon Verbena),以及豪華版的綜合堅果及乾果小吃 (Luxury Trail Mix)。營養豐富的健康,伴著淡淡的茶香,非常適合爸爸!


玫瑰花蕾(淨重 40 克)連密封玻璃瓶
檸檬馬鞭草(淨重 10 克)連密封玻璃瓶
豪華版綜合堅果及乾果小吃  - 白桑葚綠色去皮開心果夏威夷果仁碧根果(淨重 130 克)連密封玻璃瓶
特大帝王椰棗 - 6 件(淨重約 185 克)連密封玻璃瓶

SPOIL ME NOW 禮盒套裝: https://regencyspices.hk/zh-TW/collections/starter-kits/products/spoil-me-now-set

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