Shrimp Laksa Soup Noodle 馬來亞叻沙湯麵

coconut coconut cream powder laksa recipes Southeast Asian Cuisine spice 叻沙 喇沙 東南亞菜 椰子 椰子奶粉 食譜 香料

Fancy Southeast Asian cuisine, but worry how much MSG, additives or preservatives they might contain when you eat out? You can make a lot of Southeast Asian cuisine at home easily, using our Regency® Spices!

Shrimp Laksa Soup Noodle

1/3 Carrot
1/2 King Trumpet Mushroom
100g Tofu (even better if you have Fried Tofu Puff!)
4 White Fish Balls
3 Shrimps
1 Egg
50g Hokkien Noodle
250ml Broth/ Water
10g Regency Laksa Curry Powder buy laksa powder
10g Regency Coconut Cream Powder buy laksa powder
1 tsp Soy Sauce
1/2 Lime/ Lemon
10g Shrimp Paste (optional)


How to cook:

  1. Mix Regency Laksa Curry Powder with oil and shrimp paste (optional), fry for a few minutes until fragrant
  2. Add broth (or water) and fillings, cook until nearly done
  3. Add 20ml hot water into Regency Coconut Cream Powder, to make thick coconut cream
  4. Add soy sauce & coconut milk into Laksa soup, simmering for a few minutes
  5. Turn off the heat, finish with Lime or Lemon Juice
  6. On the other hand, cook noodle in boiled water for about 3 minutes (or according to your noodle’s instruction), take it out and set aside
  7. Boil egg until done, peel and set aside
  8. Put fillings and egg nicely around noodle, and pour the soup on top of it. Here enjoy your delicious Laksa, for sure without any additives!


心思思想食東南亞菜,但出街食又唔知落咗幾多味精、添加劑、防腐劑?其實用Regency® Spices嘅香料,喺屋企都可以簡單整到好多東南亞菜式!


10g Regency馬來亞叻沙香料粉 buy laksa powder
10g Regency椰子奶粉 buy laksa powder


  1. 鍋中加入油、Regency叻沙香料粉和蝦醬(自選),炒幾分鐘至香味飄出
  2. 加入高湯或水,以及配菜,煮至8成熟
  3. 20ml熱水加入Regency椰子奶粉,製成濃厚椰漿
  4. 將豉油及椰漿加入叻沙湯,再煮數分鐘
  5. 熄火,加入青檸汁或檸檬汁
  6. 另起鍋煲水,將麵放入沸水中煮3分鐘(或根據麵食的指示),瀝乾水後備用
  7. 水中煮蛋至熟,去殼後備用
  8. 將麵放入大碗中央,配菜及蛋圍著麵放好。最後,倒入叻沙湯。好好享受自己親手製作嘅叻沙湯麵,仲唔使擔心有味精/添加劑!

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