Healthy reasons to eat Ceylon Cinnamon, not it’s Chinese Cousin Cassia

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We’ve touted the taste benefits of Cassia Cinnamon for decades. It’s got a strong spice and sweetness to it, it’s cheap and less delicate for transport and storage. Yet, there’s one big area where Cassia Cinnamon lacks, in comparison to it’s “Ceylon True Cinnamon” counterpart.

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Regency Grade Ceylon Sticks, Alba

Ceylon Cinnamon is much more expensive and difficult to find, and with good reason. It only grows in Sri Lanka, with annual yield hovering near 10,000MT. In comparison, Cassia Cinnamon grows in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and small quantities in many other parts of the world too. The crop is easy to grow, even though qualities in different regions may be expensive. But in terms of availability, it’s much easier to get hold of Cassia Cinnamon in comparison to the True Cinnamon kind. As a result, many countries have gradually stopped importing the crop altogether – it’s easier to sell common cassia cinnamon at a cheaper price. Price difference between the two is usually double, and in cases of very fine grades of True Cinnamon vs poor grades of Cassia, can be even more than 5 times as expensive! It’s not just a matter of a few dollars here and there.

Cassia Cinnamon Sticks
Regency Grade Cassia Cinnamon Sticks

So the question is, is True Cinnamon worth it? Firstly, the taste alone is miles apart from Cassia Cinnamon. Yes, it lacks the spice, but to some taste preferences, it more than makes up for this with it’s sweet, honey flavours and aromas. It’s a joy to consume, and a true luxury. It also has a score of health benefits:

(Please note these are not approved by our Government Authority, but they are supported by scientific research, linked to below. The following is not intended to be medical advice).

1. Blood Sugar Control: Studies on humans consuming Cinnamon (both Cassia and Ceylon) showed great beneficial effects with respect to insulin, glucose and insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon is more popular for this because of it’s low levels of coumarin. High doses of coumarin can cause liver damage, so by consuming Ceylon Cinnamon instead of Cassia Cinnamon, you can double the benefits while having the same weakness from Coumarin intake. Of course, consumption of Cinnamon is very very low as it is, so it’s very unlikely someone can reach the high dose needed for liver damage unconsciously.

2. Cancer prevention: Research shows that True Cinnamon is a promising solution for the treatment of tumors, Gastric cancers and Melanomas. These studies found that sugar may be the thing sustaining cancer cell levels, and Cinnamon helps to curb these by controlling the blood sugar level. Evidence suggests that Cinnamon is starving cancer sells from the sugar they need for energy.

3. Anti Bacterial: Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil was shown to exhibit powerful antimicrobial activity to some very commonly found microbes: Escherichia coli , Staphylococcus aureus , Aspergillus oryzae , and Penicillium digitatum. It can therefore also have practical benefits of using to disinfect surfaces, and cleanse.

4. Alertness: According to one study, a professor found that Cinnamon can keep you more alert and reduce frustration levels when behind the wheel. This study is however very basic research for now.

5. Lowering LDL cholesterol & triglycerides: In Pakistan, studies showed that consumption of Cinnamon could reduce LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides by around 20%. The consumption of this spice is also closely linked to a significant decrease in these LDL, Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels, PLUS an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels. However, we know it isn’t always easy to find ways to include true cinnamon in your diet regularly.

And numerous other benefits including:

6. E-Coli Figher

7. Insect repellant

8. Hope vs Alzheimer’s

and even 9. PMS: A study found that just consuming about 2mg of Manganese from Cinnamon Sticks (about 5 teaspoons of ceylon cinnamon powder / 2 small sticks) resulted in fewer cramps and mood swings compared to those who consumed just 1mg.


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