About us

Our History in spices.

Regency's story began in 1951, on the shores of India, when Shri Dayalji Purshottam Dattani introduced East African Spices to the local Indian marketplace with the import of Cloves from their ancient origin near Tanzania. Over the decades, whilst still remaining a family business, Regency's ancestors took part in a series of thrilling adventures, exploring the world's natural riches and uncovering modern spice favourites such as Cassia Cinnamon and Star Anise, as well as other ingredients such as Gum and Golden Raisins. These cooking ingredients were transported across the seas by the ton using any means necessary, crossing international borders and finally being sold throughout India - where many of these ingredients have now become household staples such as indian spices.

As time went on, food prices hiked; natural disasters became more common; some traders began to dilute consumer food products with inferior spice varieties, and eventually milder products became the accepted norm. We were at the center of it all - sourcing, processing, and distributing - so we could see the food trends starting to take place. For us, it's no wonder that people yearn for the olden days when food tasted better!

In 2014, Regency decided to do better and take on the task of bringing back the super-premium quality spices we know are available directly to the hands of the consumer. This led to the birth of our consumer products division. With our decades of experience, and partnerships with farmers and factories around the world, we can confidently boast that our herbs and spices are some of the best tasting, if not the best tasting in the world! Taste is our top priority.

Taste is our Top Priority

Remaining true to our humble beginnings, Regency still uses traditional decade old techniques of cultivating, processing and preparing spices - resulting in a natural product that has been a niche industry secret since we began. As a result, we are now known within industrial buying circles for our quality Indian spices, Chinese spices and other ethnic favourites.

Supported by the Hong Kong Food Council at the Hong Kong Food Expo 2014

From left to right: HK Food Council Manager Ms. Sally Chan, VIP Guest Mr. Lai Bun, Permanent Honorable President Mr. Lee Fuen, Vice President of The Hong Kong Food Council Dr. Leslie Wong, Regency Manager Mr. Sunit Dattani.


Top quality forever, a fair price

We set out to be different from the majority of our industry. Rather than keeping our prices fixed, and diluting our quality as prices go up, Regency firmly believes in keeping quality fixed and changing prices based on the market conditions. As such, our spices are all sold at market prices, but you can be guaranteed to receive our best quality all year around forever. In case prices drop for certain products, we even start selling them for cheaper!

Consumer first

We are bursting with knowledge on herbs and spices, including hundreds of trade secrets. Some would astonish you, some would horrify you (sadly). We're slowly documenting these secrets, along with tips on checking quality, cooking, and nutrition information on spices here on our blog. This is our commitment to increasing transparency in the spice trade. For instance, do you know that the majority of Saffron coming from Spain actually originated in Persia? Yet, the best Persian Saffron rarely makes it to Spain.

Quality controlled from origin, for a pure, natural, superior product

We have close relations with all of our suppliers around the world, and control our quality from the earliest stage possible in the spice supply chain. As a result, we're proud to boast that all of our spices are:

  • ✔ Freshly packed to order
  • ✔ 100% natural
  • ✔ Current season crop
  • ✔ Pure and unadulterated
  • ✔ No artificial colouring
  • ✔ No genetically modified organisms (GMO free)
  • ✔ No added chemicals or preservatives
  • ✔ No MSG
  • ✔ Gluten free
  • ✔ Vegan
  • ✔ No Cholesterol

Strong relations with farmers

At Regency, we believe in only providing the best spices that the world has to offer. We are forward thinking, and develop strong relationships with all our supplying farmers and factories to ensure that the highest quality crop comes to us. It started with us bringing container-loads of spices to large companies in India. Now, we use this knowledge and the highest standards of taste to provide fresh spices for home cooks and restaurants alike. We know that tastes are changing, and people yearn for the old quality that used to exist years ago. We can still provide it to this day at a reasonable price.

The Regency family, now on it's 4th generation!

Shri Dayalji Purshottam Dattani
1899 - 1971
Shri Gopaldas Dayalji Dattani
1936 - 2000
Nilesh Gopaldas Dattani
1963 - present

Full container exports

If you are looking to buy from us in minimum 1 container quantities, please refer to our partner company, Orient Resources, for pricing, technical specifications and information on our factory. We already supply hundreds of customers worldwide across a variety of food products.

Legal info

Regency is registered in Hong Kong as Regency Spices Limited

Business Registration Certificate Number: 63032832

HK Food Factory License #29 92 806859

US FDA Registration Number: 14061795866

Hong Kong Food Council Membership Number: C210

Hong Kong Food and Environment Hygiene Department Registration Number: PS-OFI-00064