Spice Trade — 椰子

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Shrimp Laksa Soup Noodle 馬來亞叻沙湯麵

coconut coconut cream powder laksa recipes Southeast Asian Cuisine spice 叻沙 喇沙 東南亞菜 椰子 椰子奶粉 食譜 香料

Shrimp Laksa Soup Noodle 馬來亞叻沙湯麵

Fancy Southeast Asian cuisine, but worry how much MSG, additives or preservatives they might contain when you eat out? You can make a lot of Southeast Asian cuisine at home easily, using our Regency® Spices! Shrimp Laksa Soup Noodle Ingredients:1/3 Carrot 1/2 King Trumpet Mushroom100g Tofu (even better if you have Fried Tofu Puff!)4 White Fish Balls3 Shrimps1 Egg50g Hokkien Noodle250ml Broth/ Water10g Regency Laksa Curry Powder 10g Regency Coconut Cream Powder 1 tsp Soy Sauce1/2 Lime/ Lemon10g Shrimp Paste (optional)   How to cook: Mix Regency Laksa Curry Powder with oil and shrimp paste (optional), fry for a few...

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