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The peak arrival seasons for most spices are over. Now that farmers and factories alike have also begun to book in purchase orders, many prices have stabilised and begun dropping as farmers clear stock. We expect most prices to remain at these levels for now, but expect seed prices to increase gradually.


Our market rate below for spices:

Kashmiri Chilli
Festival season in India is approaching later this month, we expect prices to rise.
50G (1.8 OZ) PRICE: USD 6
100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 8
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 10 

Black Peppercorns
As competing Pepper growing in Vietnam has still just been released to the market (farmers unwilling to sell), prices have been steadily falling. Sri Lankan Pepper crop was less than last year, which is another reason for the current high prices. Indonesian Pepper has also just arrived on the market (August). Markets are now stable.

100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 10
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 14
300G (10.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 18 

Madras quality turmeric is low in price, most buyers are purchasing this. As a result, our Saffron grade turmeric is also weaker in price. We expect prices to go up shortly also in line with festival season in India later this month.

100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 5
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 9
500G (17.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 19 

Ginger has been rocketing up all season. Indian farmers are unwilling to dry ginger because fresh ginger has started commanding a high price. We are currently looking to restock our own supply of dried ginger as our own quality is proving to be hard to come across in the market.

Currently: SOLD OUT.

Cumin Seeds
Rates have been on the rise, but slowed down in the last few weeks. We expect this pricing for the rest of the season.

100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 6
300G (10.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 11
500G (17.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 14 

Green Fennel Seeds
Crop was very low this season, and demand has remained the same locally, so prices are higher than previous seasons.

100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 5
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 9
500G (17.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 16 

Fenugreek Seeds
Price up hugely since last year because of unforeseen higher demand. We are still investigating the cause, as supply has remained similar.

200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 6
300G (10.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 8
400G (14.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 10 

Coriander Seeds
Bad weather (heavy rains) cause serious damage to crop this season. Start of the season we saw nearly no good quality coriander seeds coming in. Situation is better now but we expect these prices to rise slightly.

100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 8
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 12
300G (10.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 14 

Prices are falling, as Nutmeg production was great this year. Quality has not been this good, and yield has not been this high in a long time. Hence low prices this season.

100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 13
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 18
400G (14.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 28 

Green Cardamom
New season is nearing, so prices are low. New season crop expected to come in November. 

50G (1.8 OZ) PRICE: USD 9
100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 16
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 22
300G (10.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 26

Dehydrated Onion
Rates have shot up lately due to end up season and flurry of last minute purchases, but have now stabilising. We have stocked up for the season so prices will remain the same.


50G (1.8 OZ) PRICE: USD 6
100G (3.5 OZ) PRICE: USD 9
200G (7.1 OZ) PRICE: USD 12
500G (17.6 OZ) PRICE: USD 20

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