Keto Bread 生酮麵包

almond flour healthy diet Keto bread pink himalayan salt recipes white sesame 健康飲食 喜馬拉雅山岩鹽 杏仁粉 生酮麵包 白芝麻 食譜

Recently everyone is talking about the Keto Bread! Due to its nature of low carbohydrates, high protein and high fiber, Keto Bread has created a big buzz. What I didn’t realize earlier was how easy its recipe can be! Let’s try this simple Keto Bread recipe and get healthier together!


Keto Bread Recipe


Ingredients 材料 :
Regency® Almond Flour 杏仁粉 70gbuy now
Psyllium Husk Powder 洋車前子粉 20g
Baking Powder 泡打粉 4g
Regency® Pink Himalayan Salt 喜馬拉雅山粉紅岩鹽 1/2 tspbuy now
Egg White 蛋白 X2 (~ 60g)
Apple Cider Vinegar 蘋果醋 1 tsp
Hot Water 熱水 100ml
Regency® White Sesame (optional) 白芝麻(自選)buy now

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients.
  2. Add egg white and apple cider vinegar and stir well.
  3. Add hot water in 3 times, stir well and let mixture absorb the water.
  4. Divide the mixture into 4, knead into a ball roughly.
  5. Put white sesame on top (optional). Put in preheated oven and bake at 165°C for 55 minutes.

  1. 將所有乾材料混合
  2. 加入蛋白及蘋果醋,攪拌均勻
  3. 3次加入熱水並攪勻,讓混合物吸收水份
  4. 將混合物分成4份,略略揉成球狀
  5. 將白芝麻撒上面(自選)。放入已預熱焗爐,以165°C焗55分鐘
Keto Bread Recipe

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