Saffron Kulfi (Indian homemade icecream)

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rSummer annstantly reminds us of cool Kulfi, laced with heavenly Saffron and Indian Cardamom. Mouth-watering and so full of flavor, many of us love it much more than the typical ice cream available year round! 

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Today we’re gonna show you how to make a home made version which tastes far more flavourful than the store-bought kind. Saffron Kulfi is also a perfect pair with hot Carrot Halwa giving a fun hot-cold taste sensation. An added option that is preferred by many Indians is also to add chunks of mixed nuts into the cream along with the saffron and cardamom. Pistachios are the traditional nut of choice, but lately macadamias are also very popular. Enjoy!

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Recipe: Saffron Kulfi

Serves: 8

1 can evaporated milk
3/4 can condensed milk
1 can whole cream
About 20 strands Saffron, soaked in a little warm water and blended well
1/4 tsp ground Cardamom
(Optional) 40g Mixed nuts, broken into small 0.5cm chunks. Pistachios and Macadamias work best.

1. In a blender, mix evaporated milk and condensed milk until well blended.
2. Add cream, ground cardamom seeds and saffron, give a quick whisk. (Add optional mixed nuts here)
3. Pour into metal or plastic containers with lid and freeze for about 8 hours.
4. Mouth watering Saffron cardamom kulfi is ready!


photo top: Stuart
photo bottom: Sangeetha

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