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Recipe: Lamb Kofte (Dumplings), the lebanese way

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Recipe: Lamb Kofte (Dumplings), the lebanese way

There are just so many recipes for good Kofte (sort of like dumplings) these days, but here’s one we had to share. This recipe is a lebanese version, making clever use of spices for great effect. It’s a time consuming recipe but the result is gorgeous and just so worth it! You can eat these alone, or served with hummus or yoghurt to dip. Recipe: Lamb Kofte (Dumplings) Servings: About 16 Kofte Ingredientshot water for boiling For the filling200g minced lamb (not too lean)1 brown onion, finely chopped2 cloves garlic, crushed1 tbsp black pepper powder20-30 peeled and skinned pistachioslittle bit of olive...

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