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Top Priority

At Regency Spices, taste is always at the forefront of our priorities. We source only the finest spices, nuts, and dry fruits from their native ancient origins, where they grow best, to ensure maximum flavor in every product we offer. Our spices are meticulously processed and prepared using traditional techniques passed down through generations, resulting in a natural and unparalleled taste.

Quality is never compromised at Regency Spices - we refuse to cut corners or use artificial flavors or additives. When you choose our products, you can trust that every bite will be bursting with authentic flavor.


The regal story of Regency Spices began in 1951. That is when Shri Dayalji Purshottam Dattani brought East African Spices to India all the way from Tanzania. The spices were quickly adored by all.

The Regency family explored the world to look for the best natural riches and amazing spices. We found spices such as Cassia Cinnamon, Star Anise and Green Raisins.

It was in the year 2014 that Regency Spices set up their first factory in Hong Kong, bringing high quality spices directly to the hands of the consumer. This quickly led to the birth of our consumer product division.

Our spices are some of the best in the world. Staying true to our roots, we believe your food should not be plagued with preservatives or impurities. This is why we only bring you spices that we would use ourselves.


The Life of Spices at Regency

Our experts go to the source directly to check for the quality of the spices. This is how we ensure that our customers get 100% authentic products. We travel worldwide to search for the best varieties of spices.

If we like the spices and they pass our quality check, we will buy the whole spices to certify that the source does not make any adulterations. Once the spices reach our headquarters, they are added to our website where they can be purchased whole or freshly ground.

We try our best to keep our prices down, but we do not compromise on quality which is why our prices are subject to change depending on the market.


Our Vision Statement

We believe in quality above everything else. With Regency Spices, you will never have to second guess the quality of nuts and spices, as it is our vision to provide premium quality products in Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

With 70 years of experience in the spice market, we have learned to differentiate good quality products from cheaper alternatives. No matter what recipe you try, our spices and other ingredients will significantly enhance the taste. As food lovers, we care deeply about your experience and want to ensure our customers enjoy their foods the best they can. Staying true to our roots, we believe your food should not be plagued with preservatives or impurities. The quality of our spices is evident; you will have a distinct taste in every bite you take.

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Strong Relations with Farmers

At Regency, we prioritize strong relationships with our farmers and factories to provide the highest quality spices, nuts, and dry fruits to our customers. We strive to be forward-thinking in all aspects of our business, including maintaining close connections with our suppliers. These partnerships allow us to ensure that only the best crop is selected for use in our products.

Our commitment to quality has allowed us to expand from bringing spices in container loads to leading companies in India, to now providing spices worldwide. As a company, building and nurturing these important relationships is fundamental to achieving our ultimate goal of delivering exceptional spices and dried goods to our customers. The care we have for both the product itself and those who produce it is evident in every step of the process.

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