Maps on this website are only artistic representations, and are not intended to depict Political Boundaries. Regency Spices Ltd., its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness, adverse reaction, or authenticity of the same. 

All our products are natural and are not genetically modified. As such, each piece may vary in appearance, flavour and aroma.

The Regency Price Guarantee: The price of spices fluctuate dramatically, as high as several 100%, over seasons. Unlike traditional retailers, we do not anchor our products to price, but we anchor them to quality. As such, our prices may increase or decrease to reflect market conditions. In case you have recently (within 7 working days) purchased a spice that we lowered the price on, we can gladly send a free shipment so that you don't miss out on the low market price.

All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) unless explicitly specified otherwise.

If buying our freshly ground spices, please note that colour of the powdered spice will not be identical to the whole spice colour, the colour is usually slightly lighter, as more light reflects off the powder than the whole spice. 

Regency Spices' freshly ground spices may have been ground up to a few weeks in advance to balance economical costs and fresh flavours.

The fineness of ground spices depend greatly on the spices raw materials. While Regency endeavours to grind the finest possible size, due to the nature of some spices (e.g. oil content, moisture, fibres), the grind fineness of each spice is different. 

Not all causes, symptoms and remedies mentioned can be applicable to all persons.

Tips are not supposed to replace expert medical opinion.

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This page was last updated on 18 December 2022