Market Update: Cardamom, Paprika, Zaatar

cardamom market news paprika zaatar

Cardamom prices have started stabilizing after reaching an all time high. This spice shot up around 3X price for bulk exports - and at some point in time prices in supermarkets were actually cheaper than importing! Prices have dropped a little bit since the peak, but are still more than double what they were in the start of summer.

Paprika prices are starting to drop as the new crop of Paprika arrives in the market. Our prices will be updated shortly to reflect the seasonality of this product, which comes once a year.

The price of Zaatar has begun soaring in the last 1 year. This blend is made traditionally using an ancient herb - wild thyme (also known as Zaatar in the local dialect where it's grown). Wild thyme is growing scarcer each season, as more and more Zaatar blenders switch from using the expensive wild thyme, to cheaper alternative herbs.

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