Covid market update: Ceylon Cinnamon, Paprika, Garlic, Sesame

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COVID-19 effects have started to wane - with the world starting to get vaccinated, and most governments easing up lockdown restrictions, work has started to resume in our industry.
Ceylon Cinnamon pricing is down severely - like most luxury items, demand is short, and sellers are keen to offload goods. At the same time, more unscrupulous sellers have started trying to ship inferior quality ceylon cinnamon (near tasteless sticks) after extracting out flavours. It is a new challenge in a marketplace that once used to have very high ethical standards. 
Paprika, Garlic, Sesame and other chinese products prices are on the rise. With chinese new year around the corner, and most suppliers closing, this last month was the last chance to get goods before the country closes for February. Suppliers are full well aware, and ready to charge premiums for those who had not planned ahead.

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