Recipe: Hibiscus & Rose Tea

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When my Japanese grandma was in her 30s, she used to make sweetened lemon water and drink it everyday for her skin. She wanted to make her skin lighter in tone. When I was still a child, she used to tell me my skin is too dark. As an Asian myself, I grew up in a culture which adored women with fair skin. According to her standard, my skin was way too dark (haha). When I reached early teen, she gave me a lemon squeezer made of glass so that I can make my own lemon water…makes me smile when I think back. The reason she used lemon was because it is a source of vitamin C which helps to anti-oxidize. I have not seen lemon trees in Hong Kong (yet?). Lemons I have seen in local supermarkets in Hong Kong are usually imports. But I have seen roses and hibiscus in parks as well as rose buds on sale at a nearby supermarket. Shall I substitute lemons with roses and hibiscus? Why not

Tips: The reason the recipe calls for 8 hour sitting time is because the tea is made at night so that you can enjoy it in the morning.

                             Recipe: Hibiscus & Rose Tea

Yield: 1L


Cooking instructions

  1. Boil the water and transfer to tea pot. Add the rest of ingredients and cover with a lid.
  2. Allow to sit for as long as you have the patience. Overnight (8 hours) is best, but 30 minutes works too.
  3. Serve in glasses over ice and enjoy!


This article was written by Chia.
I’m a freelance translator with background in biology. Upon meeting my future husband in Spain, I moved to Hong Kong to start our lives together. I’m still exploring what Hong Kong has got to offer :)

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