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Angelica is one of those botanical herbs that has been rapidly growing in popularity in the west, thanks to its earthy flavours tones much like Juniper Berries - the essential component of ginmaking. But did you know Angelica has been used for millenia in Chinese Herbal Medicine due to its fantastic medicinal properties? Indigenous to China, Angelica probably sits in a cabinet inside every Chinese household for a plethora of benefits. Although these have not been scientifically proven, science has acknowledged strong anti-platelet and anti-coagulant effects of Angelica and do caution some for using.

What we know is - as a result of all this usage, these roots have been experimented on in kitchens and some recipes that have resulted come out delicious. Claypot Chicken, Herbal Hotpot broth and even Candied Angelica have become popular in the last decade. What will you come up with in your home?

Angelica Root Cooking Notes:

Cuisine: Chinese, European

Food Pairings: Seafood, Chicken, Goji, Ginger, Gin, Orange, Cherry

Flavour / Tastes Like: Herbal, Earthy

Serving size: 0.5 grams (powdered) as dry spice or 2g chips if used to flavour broths.

Directions for use: Break into small chips for flavouring broths. A little bit goes a long way to giving an earthy, herbal flavour similar to juniper berries. Hence why it’s also a great component for brewing your own cocktails.

Angelica Root Technical Notes:

Origin: Guangdong, China

Quality*: Grade A, Whole

Also known as: Angelica Sinensis, 當歸

Appearance: 10-20cm length flat slices.


Please note that our ingredients are 100% natural and processed using traditional methods. As a result there may be some visible imperfections. Our spices will have variations in size and colour due to factors such as the amount of sunlight they received when growing, or the amount of rainfall in a particular season. These differences in appearance are entirely normal, and are the result of not treating them with any chemicals, reducing unnecessary hand selection, and minimizing waste.

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