Better tasting food.

Whether you've only started cooking last week, or have been cooking for years in a restaurant kitchen, Regency Spices are undeniably useful and will bring your cooking to the next level.

Why Choose Regency Spices?

100% Natural

We insist on only natural products for all our spices, even if this means a lower shelf life than normal. All our spices are free from chemical pesticides, colourants, anti-caking agents, artificial ingredients, and GMO ingredients. In some cases, our spices may be sticky and clump *due to no anti-caking agents*, but you can be assured they are 100% natural, and all grown organically through tried and tested farming methods over the centuries. Taste spices how they used to taste.

No artificial treatments

Regency Spices are not treated in any artificial way - no irradiation, no ultra heat treatment, no blasting with unhealthy and banned substances just for the sake of extending shelf life. We believe in going to the source and ensuring clean, hygienic production and processing at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure our spices are great and don't need artificial treatments to be safe for consumption. Our spices meet all the microbiological food safety standards under EU and US food laws. All our spices have a shelf life of 12 months from the packing date, and will taste and stay great while kept in our Aluminium Resealable Zipper bags stored in a cool and dry place or fridge depending on the spice. In most cases, these spices can last a lot longer too.

Best Quality

Regency Spices are always the best quality every season, and we ensure consistency throughout the years and throughout batches. Our spice prices fluctuate with global pricing, and we do not adulterate or lower quality simply to keep prices artificially low.

Our spices are imported each season direct from their natural and ancient origins where they grow best. Our spices come from over 30 countries worldwide.

All our blends are made in-house, to our own closely guarded recipes, so we do not run into issues of changing flavours throughout the years. Our master blenders taste-test each batch and ensure consistent tastes, flavours and aromas before each spice is packed.

Always Fresh

At Regency Spices, we import 99% of our spices whole, and grind them fresh in small batches several times a month to keep flavours and aromas intact and at their best. Flavours in ground spices are truly world's apart when tasting them this fresh, versus ordinary supermarket brands. Due to the freshness, and the superior origin and quality of our spices, we highly recommend when you first use our spices, only use half of what the recipe asks for to achieve a similar flavour.

Most commonly used ingredients

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World Class Nuts and dry fruits!


  • Walnuts and Almonds from California,
  • Pistachios from Persia,
  • Macadamias from Australia,
  • and so many more...

Dry Fruits

The juiciest, jumbo sized Medjool Dates from Israel

Natural Apricots from Turkey

Plump Golden Raisins from the USA

Healthy Grains and Seeds

Your favourite superfood Organic Quinoas and Chia Seeds from Peru

Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesames, Buckwheat and the list goes on....

Did you know, our family was amongst the first to bring the bright green Xinjiang Raisins across borders (when they were sealed tight!) in the 80's from China to India? Regency Green Raisins are still famed as best-in-class throughout India.

1000s of happy home cooks, rated 5 stars in 95% of all reviews.

You don't have to take our word for it, click through to our products to see thousands of verified 5* reviews.

As soon as I opened the packaging, I could immediately smell the freshness of the Saffron. I've never seen Saffron this good before, it's even better than the best I had bought previously from Dubai 5 years ago.

- Rekha Dey, Hong Kong.

Just as in past years, your service and products are excellent. I've sung your praises often, and was glad to hear that some of the people I referred bought from you and were happy with their orders as well. Many thanks.

- Virginia, Hong Kong.

The fragrance of the Saffron and Cardamom was really striking in comparison with anything I've used before. The smell from opening the packaging is overwhelmingly good.- Dr. Kalpana Bhende, Canada.

I have always been skeptical about pistachio quality and source, however after trying these and then buying them for a variety of sauces and toppings, I can say this is one of the best purchases I have made! - Rahul Kalra, Hong Kong

Our company statement

All Regency spices are fresh, current crop herbs and spices. We pride ourselves on our taste and freshness. Regency's herbs and spices are carefully selected amongst the best varieties in the world each season - only a single variety passes our rigorous testing, and we only sell this one variety. We only sell spices in whole form for fresh grinding to ensure the best flavour and aroma when it reaches your kitchens. As a result, everyone can inspect and admire the natural beauty achieved by us! All our spices and herbs are naturally grown, and processed. They are as pure as spices can get, free from irradiation and other chemical preservation treatments - only possible due to our strict quality control standards at source. We can promise their flavours are fit for even the most royal and picky diners.

We know how hard it is to find top quality, fresh, whole spices worldwide and we have the answer. Through our 60+ years of experience in the industry, we know our spices inside-out and can provide the best tasting varieties attainable worldwide for each of our spices. Tastes are changing, and cooks who seek the absolute best possible for each ingredient know that we can provide it for them - that's why we've been in business for so long! We quickly became the leading shop for buying Indian spices and herbs in Hong Kong, and now have added our extended range of exotic herbs and spices from around the world. Read more about our heritage here.

Most importantly, we aim to provide the high quality flavours that existed in traditional times in our spice trade - flavours that have been lost due to mass production, over processing, and cutting corners to keep prices low. We partner with the greatest farmers and suppliers around the world to provide the highest grades achievable in spices. We are also passionate educators within our industry, teaching customers and competitors alike on how to buy and assess the quality of spices, as well as common tricks of the spice trade. Learn more about spices now.

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All Hong Kong deliveries over HKD100 have free shipping! Small orders have a nominal HKD20 added on to cover our costs. Small orders are sent through the post, and larger orders are sent by our team of delivery vans and courier partners. All orders can be tracked, no matter where you are in Hong Kong. See our delivery terms for more details on cutoffs and delivery times.

International Deliveries are fulfilled by Fedex with our discounted shipping rates. We don't believe on profiting through delivery charges, so you only pay for shipping based on how much you buy. For international orders over 10kg, we recommend to contact our sales team for a quote.