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Sichuan Pepper market update

knowledge base market news sichuan pepper

Sichuan Pepper comes in a few varieties. Contrary to what the name suggests, it doesn’t all come from Sichuan Province! Much weaker, cheaper varieties of sichuan peppercorns are grown and sold all throughout China, with prices varying by over 100%! In addition to Sichuan Province, Sichuan Pepper grows in Shaanxi, Shandong, Guangdong and further to other parts of Asia outside China! These look very different, and taste even more different. Various types of Sichuan Peppers. Left to right: Green Sichuan Pepper, Sichuan Province Grade A, Shaanxi Province Grade A There are many grades and varieties, of which above we’ve taken...

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Indian Cumin: Market update

cumin market news

Another quick update on cumin, following up our previous cumin market report in February. Regency Grade Cumin Seeds Production reports still show very small crop, so prices are likely to remain firm. In the last few months, we have seen prices rise 20-30% across the board for various grades of cumin seed. The Indian currency is still weak against the USD, so another reason for pricing to increase from a local point of view.  Other reports also suggest that 25-30% less area is going to be used for sowing cumin seeds for incoming seasons. This rumour is also convincing buyers...

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Turmeric market report

knowledge base market news turmeric

Turmeric prices have been on the up for months now. Many traders and factories have been found to be holding stocks of the previous crop, and unwilling to release much of this season’s crop. They believe that demand is high, and the new season crop isn’t as good. Naturally, prices will rise. We’ve heard some traders say they expect prices to increase over 70-80% by October! Some buyers have also been complaining that new crop goods have moisture content that is too high, so they still aren’t willing to buy… another reason for the price rise. We noted unusual rains...

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Coriander Market Update

coriander market news

Just a quick update on the going-ons of coriander seeds. February to May is usual farming season for most indian spices (some go year round, but many start appearing in the markets around this time). One of these such spices is the Coriander Seed. Coriander prices have started to rise rapidly, due to the same unseasonal rains we’ve seen affecting other spices. This year also accompanied by hailstorms, a rarity in India. The crop damage is the key reason for price rises, but some buyers are still on the fence about buying. The hesitation is caused because the crop that’s...

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Market update: Chinese Garlic

garlic knowledge base market news

Garlic season is now soon to be upon us, fresh garlic crop is soon to be available on the markets for factories like ours to buy. Then the drying process begins, and with it garlic flake production. Garlic flakes are then further ground into granules or powder as necessary. For those unfamiliar with the way it works, industrial use of garlic is nearly always using dried garlic. It stores better than fresh, takes up less space (most of fresh garlic is water), cheaper to transport, and flavour is almost the same. In terms of use, it’s also more convenient. Fresh...

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