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Recipe: Sumac fries!

sumac fries

Sumac is a spice staple for anyone who likes to cook with middle eastern flavours, but it doesn’t have to be restricted to just that. Sumac is a tart, sour, salty spice grown in turkey and other parts of the mediterranean. It’s almost always used ground, and pairs deliciously with breads and salads much like a good aged vinegar. Here’s a really simple way to see the wonders of Sumac on a truly humble food: the potato. Recipe: Sumac Oven Fries Servings: 2 Ingredients – 4 medium-sized russet potatoes – 1 tablespoon olive oil – 3 garlic cloves, minced finely … keep reading

The Unordinary Cauliflower

cauliflower roasted whole

As one very popular, nutrient-rich vegetables, cauliflower can be thought as somewhat lacking in taste. It’s easy to spice up cauliflower with some simple spices, so don’t be misguided: Cauliflower can actually be very versatile to cook with. Here is one of our favourite recipes, cauliflower spiced with cumin, it’s quite famous within cooking circles and today we’d like to share it with you. It makes an excellent side to any entree, and can also be eaten all on it’s own. The cauliflower can actually be roasted whole, which also looks really impressive! But if your oven is not as grand, … keep reading

Rapid Alert: Recall in Hong Kong for La Chinata Brand Smoked Paprika

12th June at 10:26pm, Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene department issued a rapid alert calling the recall for La Chinata Brand Smoked Paprika in Hong Kong. Why? It was contaminated with dangerous levels of Salmonella. Other brands and varieties of Smoked Paprika are probably also under heavy scrunity. This Smoked Paprika comes from Spain – rather surprising as we would expect EU originating food to be much safer compared to food produced in some other countries, but it appears that they too are susceptible to poor quality control and perhaps cutting corners in manufacturing. Whether to save costs or … keep reading

The hunt for Za’atar in Hong Kong

Za’atar is a popular middle eastern spice blend, and like all foreign spices, is known by more than one spelling… or in Za’atar’s case, 10: zaatar, za’tar, zatar, zatr, zattr, zahatar, zaktar or satar, زَعْتَر. I still recall the case of one of our customers back in October asking if we stocked Za’atar, she missed it from back home. We hunted profusely and found none, so we thought – why not import? And so, the tale of Regency Zaatar began. We now hold regular stocks and sell it on a same day basis too! Za’atar comes in many types. Lebanese … keep reading

Fattoush – bursting with lime, the lebanese salad we all love

fattoush lebanese salad regency

When we lived in Dubai, we used to love eating Fattoush as a snack. It tastes extremely fresh, and is much better than your ordinary salads thanks to the spices used. The sumac and lime combined result in a really strong sour flavour that perfectly complement the cucumber and tomatoes. Fattoush also tastes yum as a filling for pita pockets. Add some hummus, maybe a falafel and you’ve got a whole meal right there. Enjoy! Recipe: Fattoush Salad Ingredients For the dressing 50ml olive oil 1 teaspoon dried lime powder OR the traditional version using 1 lime, juice and zest … keep reading

Cooking with Sumac! Zaatar (Recipe)


Sumac is one of those elusive spices that most people could easily go a lifetime without noticing. Yet, the moment someone is introduced to it, they will always keep wanting more of it. Sumac is a spice with an extremely unique taste – very citrusy, which we liken to lime and berries. The best variety we’ve uncovered thus far comes from Lebanon, arguably one of the biggest consumers. It’s also a country that has a long-standing history with Sumac. You can read more about Sumac here, for now let’s discuss cooking! Sumac can be used in a variety of ways, … keep reading