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Cooking with Verbena: The lemoni-est herb you will find

regency verbena tea

Verbena is an extremely potent herb for those seeking that exotic lemon-lime citrus punch. Hard to find fresh, this herb is often used in the dry form. When dry, it’s also possible to store for much longer, up to a full year, and the flavours are also more pronounced. Often with herbs, drying is done very close to harvesting, so the majority of the aroma and flavour is kept intact in storage. Longer leaves also carry more flavour, so make sure to look for long verbena leaves when buying. Short leaves lose their aroma much faster. Verbena has also been … keep reading

Nutmeg and Mace, the stages of life you’ve never seen!


Nutmeg and Mace are actually part of the same fruit. Botanically speaking, they even have the same name. However, not all fruits are created equally, and certainly not all naturally created ones. As we solely focus on natural spices, we know where the problems stem from, and the tricks most companies use to profit the most from these problems (Hint: sell the bad ones in powdered form!) Nutmeg, historically native only to a small cluster of small volcanic islands in Indonesia, is now cultivated around the world with varying success. Nutmeg grows with an outer layer of Mace, and as … keep reading

9 health benefits about Cardamom, a super spice!

cardamom pods

Healthy food doesn’t need to mean bland food. Nutritionists, Dieticians, Health buffs, and most people interested in shaving off a few calories while keeping fit are constantly on the hunt for new healthy foods. After all, we can’t keep eating the same 5 items day in and out right? Variety is a must. Yet, most people seem to neglect spices and flavourings to use to spice up (pardon the pun) their cooking. Cardamom is one such “super-spice”. Although the facts below make it sound amazing, don’t consume it in high doses! Too much of anything cannot turn out well. Please … keep reading

Vegetarianism, diets in the world, and their impact on food pricing

Photo: Matthew Rutledge

Many people initially scoff when they find out someone they know is a vegetarian. Their common response being something along the lines of: “What about protein?” or “Animals are still going to die.” But vegetarianism is a lot more than that, besides the fact that there are still countless vegetarian sources of protein. Dairy to Lentils and other Pulses just being the tip of the iceberg. In fact, a counter-argument is now being proposed. Research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that long-term vegetarians have a longer life expectancy than short-term vegetarians (and of course higher than meat-eating … keep reading