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Sichuan-style spicy chicken

Sichuan Style spicy chicken peppercorns chillies

This is one of the most famous recipes coming from Sichuan Province. Our recipe is true to tradition, and nearly unaltered version of “辣子雞丁 Làzǐ jī dīng”. Be wary though, it’s hot, but so full of flavour. As it’s rapidly stir fried in a wok, lots of hot tianjin chillies are needed to create the heat, colour and aroma of the dish. A little bit of sugar is needed to offset the intense heat and create a better balance of flavours. We’ve also opened to use Pink Himalayan Salt as opposed to traditional sea salt for a little extra sour … keep reading

Sichuan Pepper market update

sichuan pepper regency spices

Sichuan Pepper comes in a few varieties. Contrary to what the name suggests, it doesn’t all come from Sichuan Province! Much weaker, cheaper varieties of sichuan peppercorns are grown and sold all throughout China, with prices varying by over 100%! In addition to Sichuan Province, Sichuan Pepper grows in Shaanxi, Shandong, Guangdong and further to other parts of Asia outside China! These look very different, and taste even more different. There are many grades and varieties, of which above we’ve taken samples of a few. Can you spot the differences? It’s not easy even to the trained eye. We can … keep reading

Sichuan style cold cucumber salad

sichuan pepper cucumber salad recipe

Sichuan food is known for being spicy all over China. But the spice is rather unique to Sichuan Province. It’s not merely lots of heat from chillies, but a numbing-cooling and very addictive heat given off by Sichuan Peppercorns. These little, red peppercorns will blast your senses with their tell-tale numbing-heat, known as “Ma La” (麻辣). This cold cucumber salad is the perfect introduction to Sichuan cuisine. The heat is milder, and well balanced with the cucumbers. The ingredients are also very simple, and rely deeply on freshness and quality. Thanks to the sugar and chikiang vinegar which is naturally … keep reading

Spice cheat sheet: Your one stop spice resource


SPICE (click to see more info) BIRTHPLACE USED COMMONLY IN Bay Leaves Turkey Curries, stews, soups, and generally all sauces with a long cooking time Black Pepper India All cuisines as seasoning, chinese sauces, tea Caraway Finland Beef, chicken, vegetable dishes, breads Cardamom India Tea, curries, soups, rubs, desserts Cassia China Desserts, spice rubs, tea, soup, sauces, baked goods, grilled dishes Chilli Worldwide Almost all dishes, also marinades, salsas Cinnamon Sri Lanka Baked goods, desserts Clove Tanzania Tea, soups, french sauces, noodles, pork, beef, vegetable dishes Cubeb Indonesia In place of pepper in Asian cuisine Cumin India Bread, vegetable, curry, … keep reading

A Guide to Checking the Quality of Spices


Spices come in many shapes, forms, and sizes. Chilies for example come in over a hundred commonly sold varieties around the world, sometimes as pods, sometimes powdered, and always with subtle differences. So how do you tell whether what you have is a good quality spice? How do you know how much to put in cooking – too much in cooking can ruin a dish; too little can leave a dish bland, and unsatisfying. Below are practical consumer tips compiled as a result of the 60+ years that our family has bought, manufactured, traded, and sold spices to household brands, … keep reading