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Mliako S Oriz (Bulgarian Rice Pudding) recipe

Bulgarian rice pudding

Mliako S Oriz is the Bulgarian version of Rice Pudding, a real treat during the summer heat. From our experience, we’ve seen that some form of rice and milk pudding exists in almost every culture. It’s fascinating to see how different cultures use different ingredients to create new flavour profiles for preparing something that is almost the same, but altogether very different. Unlike most rice puddings, this one is boiled first and then left to cool. Some people also prefer to chill in the fridge and eat it cold – it tastes much better this way. Of course, eating hot … keep reading

Super Cooler Lychee Soda

lychee rose sparkling juice recipe

Lychee is now in season and we accidentally bought too much at the market. Here’s a great refreshing party drink that you can make using fresh lychees and some light, sweet spices. You can add more or less of the sparkling / tonic water to suit your tastes. Our ratio keeps it sweet, but not sickly sweet. Some people may like their drink even more diluted than this. In case you don’t want to serve it all up immediately, freeze the lychee juice before adding in the sparkling water. You can mix in the tonic water and serve as needed … keep reading

Falooda, the indian dessert-drink

falooda recipe

I love falooda. Even though it looks like the weirdest dessert concoction ever, it’s just so good when done right. Falooda relies on quality basil seeds, falooda sev, sweetened milk plus toppings. The toppings are where you can really let your creativity go wild, and the main heart of basil seed-milk is what brings it home. The peculiar thing with falooda is that it doesn’t really look like a dessert, it’s a drink after all. But then, almost all of it is eaten with a spoon because it’s hard to drink down! We’re not sure how the dessert was invented, … keep reading

Making the finest Rosewater and Rose Syrup you’ve ever tasted

making rose syrup

Culinary flowers are always so fascinating, especially rose petals. In some ways, I prefer the dried rose buds, they carry so much more flavour and of course are great for cooking! The most common way to cook using dried roses is to first make rosewater or rose syrup. Here, we’re going to show you how to cook the best Rosewater and Rose Syrup you’ve ever tasted. 100% natural, no colouring added unlike most of the brands you’ll find in a supermarket shelf. When cooking with dried culinary flowers such as rose or lavender, it’s absolutely imperative to get them from … keep reading