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Recipe: Homemade Mayonnaise

Homemade Mayonnaise

In some dishes I use mayonnaise instead of cooking oil to fry meat. Yet, each commercially available mayonnaise in the market tastes slightly different from each other. Having tried Regency’s fisherman’s seafood spices, I’ve decided to add it to homemade mayonnaise for a hint of lemony herbs. If you want spicy mayonnaise then you can replace the herbs with cayenne pepper (Adjust the amount to your liking). If you don’t want garlic flavor, you can omit it 😉 Tips: (1) To avoid the mixture separate into liquid and oil, keep whisking vigorously at steps 3 and 4. The mixture tends to separate in … keep reading

Recipe: Spicy Taco Rice

Spicy Taco Rice

I have been to Okinawa only once, and that was when I had just broken up with my first relationship (hahaha, I wanted to enjoy life even though I was still sad, so I chose to travel alone 😉 ) While I was there, I tried local cuisines such as Okinawa soba and goya chanpuru. I also tried yummy sweets, sata andagi. They were so good. But taco rice! I missed taco rice while I was there. So I cooked my own version when I came back. Different households have a different way of cooking taco rice. Many people use lettuce and … keep reading

Recipe: Herby Lemon Salmon

Herby Lemon Salmon

When my mother was still an undergraduate student attending a Japanese university in Tokyo in 1970s, she took a trip by herself to a small island in Okinawa. It was a small island which she could cycle around in one day. When she came back for dinner at a place she was staying, she was shocked to see a bowl of miso soup with bright-colored tropical fish in it. She was not accustomed to seeing tropical fish and the idea of eating them as an ingredient for miso soup was a bit shocking to her. I just remembered this story … keep reading