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The BIG Guide to Chillies


The most popular chillies from around the world Chillies are a spice used in every part of the world. They provide one of the basic flavours and is an essential part of many traditional dishes. There are many different kinds of chilli peppers used across the world. Chillies from Mexico are different from the chillies in India or China, and then there is the branch of European chillies too. These varieties all complement their national cuisine in their own unique ways. Even though the primary flavour given by chillies is spice, they are more complex and have other flavour notes … keep reading

How to Cook with Spices


Some would say “How to cook” is a more appropriate title. I believe that cooking with spices is that important. It’s nearly impossible to make a good dish without them. Peppers, chilies, all manner of herbs, are almost guaranteed to be present in all your meals. It’s even found in ice cream: Vanilla is a spice. Yet people are still cautious about cooking with spices. By learning to cook with spices, you can improve the quality of any dish. Compared to fresh meat and vegetables, spices are cheap. They’re also painlessly easy to use in cooking, so there’s no reason … keep reading

A Guide to Checking the Quality of Spices


Spices come in many shapes, forms, and sizes. Chilies for example come in over a hundred commonly sold varieties around the world, sometimes as pods, sometimes powdered, and always with subtle differences. So how do you tell whether what you have is a good quality spice? How do you know how much to put in cooking – too much in cooking can ruin a dish; too little can leave a dish bland, and unsatisfying. Below are practical consumer tips compiled as a result of the 60+ years that our family has bought, manufactured, traded, and sold spices to household brands, … keep reading