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Recipe: Raspberry Lemonade with a Hint of Spice

Raspberry Lemonade with s Hint of Spice

Yesterday I was hunting for a sunscreen for my family in a shopping center. Then I came across this product which contained raspberry seed oil. It was actually the first time I saw a sun screen product which contained raspberry seed oil. Raspberry seed oil has been a subject of interest (or controversy) regarding its ultraviolet absorbance property. Yet, I was more curious how they processed the seeds. I wondered what they did with the leftover raspberry fruits and juice. Ah, perhaps they used or sold for raspberry jam. I would have it as raspberry lemonade now! I’m melting in this hot weather. … keep reading

Recipe: Ginger Ale Syrup

Ginger Ale

This is a recipe for syrup which can be combined with unsweetened carbonated water to make your own ginger ale. If you love spicy ginger ale, then you might like this one. Enjoy your own arrangement, for example by substituting bay leaf with rosemary! Tips: Before making, I’d recommend sterilizing the container you’ll be using to keep the syrup. I usually sterilize an empty glass container using boiled water. If you plan to combine syrup with already sweetened carbonated water or iced tea, please reduce the amount of sugar written in this recipe. Once made, please keep syrup in the refrigerator and consume in … keep reading

Recipe: Kulfi Ice Cream (Egg Free)


The summer is approaching and it is getting hotter and hotter in Hong Kong. On a hot and humid day like this, ice cream can be a great savior. Kulfi is by far the simplest and the easiest ice cream I’ve ever made at home. I don’t need an ice cream maker nor an egg, not even a whisk. Just heat, mix and freeze, and it’s ready. The cardamom spice added into this ice cream makes it heavenly aromatic once it melts in your mouth. Today, I’m happy to share the delicious ice cream recipe born in India. Recipe: Kulfi ice cream Servings: 3-4 Ingredients … keep reading

Cardamom Basmati Rice

cardamom spice basmati rice

Basmati rice doesn’t have to all be simple and bland. You can flavour it up using a few tricks (and spices)! Here’s an easy way of how to add flavour to food using healthy, top quality spices. Recipe: Cardamom Basmati Rice Serves: 2 Ingredients – 1 cup Basmati rice – 5 jumbo Black Cardamom pods – 1 stick of ceylon cinnamon – 2 whole long peppers – 1 tablespoon of ghee (clarified butter) – 1 and 1/2 cups of water – Sea salt to taste Recipe 1. Rinse basmati rice by putting in a sieve and running it through cold … keep reading

How to make your own pickles with raw spices

homemade pickles in a jar

It’s that time of year when pickles seem so attractive to eat. Put some in burgers, wraps and sandwiches, just eat them on the side as a snack, or use to top a salad or pasta. It’s a great way to get in some fun textures, flavours and a lot of nutrients! Here’s how you can make your own homemade pickles using whatever you have on hand, plus some staple spices. Recipe: Homemade pickles Ingredients 4-5 thinly sliced cucumbers 1 sliced bell pepper 1 thinly sliced carrot 1 thinly sliced celery 1 diced onion (optionally add or substitute any of … keep reading

Recipe: Peri Peri Masala Chips!

Peri Peri Masala chips

This mouthwatering recipe is our latest creation and what we think is one of the best recipes combining the warmth of Indian spices and the aromatics of european herbs. All in yummy snack form of french fries. Who’s gonna say no to that? There’s cayenne, paprika, for spice which is balanced with lovely sweetness from cardamom, sugar and sour from pink himalayan salt. Then adding in the herbs and staple garlic / ginger to get our delicious gobsmacking Peri Peri flavour. The chips can be made wet or crispy, it’s up to you. Our recipe below is for a crispy … keep reading

Chicken Xacuti from Goa – not your traditional Indian food.

xacuti chicken curry spices goa

Food from Goa is not your usual indian fanfare of explosive spices. Owing to it’s portuguese heritage, much of the region’s cuisine is imbued with new sour-spicy and sweet flavours. It’s less about pure spice and deep warmth from garam masala. That said, Xacuti (pronounced Shakuti) masala is a fiery curry base, paired with sweet cool coconut giving a delicious fresh portuguese-indian blend of flavour. Chicken Xacuti Ingredients 1 kg chicken, cut into big pieces 5 grams turmeric powder 1 tsp salt 2 inches of ginger 10 flakes garlic 1/2 bunch fresh coriander 5 green chillies 2 tsp oil 2 … keep reading

Super Cooler Lychee Soda

lychee rose sparkling juice recipe

Lychee is now in season and we accidentally bought too much at the market. Here’s a great refreshing party drink that you can make using fresh lychees and some light, sweet spices. You can add more or less of the sparkling / tonic water to suit your tastes. Our ratio keeps it sweet, but not sickly sweet. Some people may like their drink even more diluted than this. In case you don’t want to serve it all up immediately, freeze the lychee juice before adding in the sparkling water. You can mix in the tonic water and serve as needed … keep reading

Saffron Kulfi (Indian homemade icecream)

homemade saffron kulfi regency

Summer instantly reminds us of cool Kulfi, laced with heavenly Iranian Saffron and Indian Cardamom. Mouth-watering and so full of flavor, many of us love it much more than the typical ice cream available year round! Today we’re gonna show you how to make a home made version which tastes far more flavourful than the store-bought kind. Saffron Kulfi is also a perfect pair with hot Carrot Halwa giving a fun hot-cold taste sensation. An added option that is preferred by many Indians is also to add chunks of mixed nuts into the cream along with the saffron and cardamom. … keep reading

Saffron Phirni

saffron cardamom phirni recipe

Phirni is one of the most exotic, and traditionally one of the most gruelling desserts to make. But, it has stood the test of time and remains an undeniable favourite for Indians. No Indian fine dining restaurant dessert menu is complete without Phirni. It’s called “Phirni” because the word means “stirred” in Hindi. And this dessert needs a lot of stirring to get the texture right. It should be rich, thick and creamy, much like a creme brulee. The smoother, the better. Phirni can be smoother the lower heat it is cooked on, but this will take much more time, … keep reading