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Peruvian Ceviche

peruvian ceviche with panca chilli

This is one of those dinner party snacks that people will go crazy for when done right. You need really fresh fish to make it work, and let the ingredients do the talking. It’s a lot of staple ingredients and pretty fast to make. Ceviche is usually done with sea bass, but other white fleshed fish such as grouper, sole and flounder will work very well too. Just ask your trusted fishmonger for the freshest saltwater fish they have – it should smell like the sea, and not fishy / old. The true peruvian secret is of course in the … keep reading

Recipe: Spicy Taco Rice

Spicy Taco Rice

I have been to Okinawa only once, and that was when I had just broken up with my first relationship (hahaha, I wanted to enjoy life even though I was still sad, so I chose to travel alone ūüėȬ†) While I was there, I tried local cuisines such as¬†Okinawa soba and goya chanpuru. I also tried yummy sweets, sata andagi. They were so good. But taco rice! I missed taco rice while I was there. So I cooked my own version when I came back. Different households have a different way of cooking taco rice. Many people use lettuce and … keep reading

Recipe: Herb Tea Mixture (Six Blends)

Herb Tea Mixture

When I was writing this article, I remembered a dialogue from a TV show which I watched in Japan more than a decade ago. It went like: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Man A: “Chinese foods are so oily. How do they stay fit?” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Man B: “They drink tea with their meal to wash it away.” I don’t quite remember whether it was a health program or a TV commercial for oolong tea. Yet, I also find Chinese foods a lot oilier than Japanese dishes. But these oily Chinese cuisines taste so good. Whenever I … keep reading

Recipe: Mustard Shrimp

Mustard Shrimp

Because my husband loves shrimp, I’ve tested a variety of shrimp dishes in my kitchen, and this mustard shrimp is among my favorites. The combination of wholegrain mustard with garlic and cayenne pepper is mouthwatering. I personally like this one over the garlic shrimp I cook. I hope you will like it ūüėÄ Tips:¬†(1) Deveining process can be a bit messy for those trying it the first time. You can purchase peeled and deveined ones to save your trouble.¬†(2) Coriander¬†can substituted with parsley. Recipe:¬†Mustard Shrimp Serving:¬†3 Ingredients 600g shrimps, peeled and deveined 4 tablespoon¬†lemon juice 1 tsp of garlic granules … keep reading

Recipe: Ginger Ale Syrup

Ginger Ale

This is a recipe for syrup which can be combined with unsweetened carbonated water to make your own ginger ale. If you love spicy ginger ale, then you might like this one.¬†Enjoy your own arrangement, for example by¬†substituting bay leaf with rosemary! Tips:¬†Before making, I’d recommend sterilizing the container you’ll be using to keep the syrup.¬†I usually sterilize an empty glass container using boiled water. If you plan to combine syrup with already sweetened carbonated water or iced tea, please reduce the amount of sugar written in this recipe. Once made, please keep syrup in the refrigerator and consume in … keep reading