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What is the difference between cumin, caraway, black cumin and nigella?

We get this question a lot: What is the difference between cumin seeds and caraway seeds? They look almost the same! … and then they notice our “black cumin” which further adds to the confusion. Here’s a look at all of them side by side so you can visualise the similarities and difference, and then we’ll delve deeper: Cumin seeds are a first cousin of carrot and parsley, and a visual twin of the caraway seed. They are also often confused with black cumin, but let us first have a closer look at the mighty cumin seed. Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean … keep reading

Stir fried Spinach with Black Cumin and spices

stir fried spinach with black cumin

We love this recipe because of how simple it is, and how much flavour it has. Using fresh spices and fresh spinach is an absolute must. Traditionally, most heavily spiced meals usually require long cooking times, but this recipe does not. We’ve saved on the time but maximised flavour using some special ingredients. The pink himalayan salt will give a more savoury, slightly citrus taste to help balance out the chillies. We also suggest using a mix of dried kashmiri chillies as well as ground chilli pepper. This gives the dish a long mellow warmth from the dried chillies, and … keep reading