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How to use Coriander Seeds and where they come from


Some know Coriander by it’s spanish name Cilantro, however the name is a little confusing: Coriander usually refers to the ripe and dried seeds of the plant, whereas Cilantro usually refers to the leaves of the plant. Coriander is an incredibly versatile plant.  All parts of the plant are edible. The most used parts are the fruit and the leaves. Although its exact origins remains a mystery, coriander has been extensively cultivated for centuries in many temperate climates such as the Middle East, Latin America, the Southern part of Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Nowadays the world’s largest producer by far … keep reading

Recipe: Lentil Fritters (Dal Pakoras)

cooked pakoras indian recipe

This is an all-time favorite when we have friends or family during wet and cold weekends when all we want is to sit at home, do as little as possible and still get to enjoy! Hot crispy pakoras with a warm cup of drink and you are ready for watching a movie or listening to old time favorite music. The combination of crispy mung dal, chilli powder, lemon and ginger makes it so good, that we as kids always wanted more and more of them. Recipe: Dal Pakoras (Lentil Fritters) Servings: Makes around 20 pakoras. Ingredients: – 125g Yellow Split … keep reading

Allspice – spice blend or a spice on its own?


Upon hearing the name, most people imagine that Allspice is a blend of spices. Actually Allspice is the dry fruit of the Allspice tree Pimento Dioica. Allspice is one of the few New World spices; it’s an evergreen tree native to Central America and Great Antilles. The fruit is picked while unripe and then dried in the sun. Allspice has a complex flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, but much spicier than if you were to mix the three spices together. Christopher Colombo has found this spice on his quest for spices (black pepper in particular) in America. Misled by … keep reading

All about Aniseeds

aniseed seeds regency spices

Aniseed is the fruit of the flowering plant Pimpinella anisum or known as Anise. Aniseed originates from the East Mediterranean basin. Today it can be found in the temperate climate zone. The Aniseed plant was cultivated originally for its medicinal properties in Ancient Egypt and in the Middle-East. Surprisingly, it belongs to the same family as Parsley and Carrot! Its a small seed that looks much like Caraway or Cumin. Despite the similarities in their name and flavor, anise and star anise are two very different spices. Sometimes they can be used interchangeably. Mind that Star Anise has stronger flavor … keep reading

Recipe: Lamb Kofte (Dumplings), the lebanese way

lamb kofte with baharat seasoning

There are just so many recipes for good Kofte (sort of like dumplings) these days, but here’s one we had to share. This recipe is a lebanese version, making clever use of spices for great effect. It’s a time consuming recipe but the result is gorgeous and just so worth it! You can eat these alone, or served with hummus or yoghurt to dip. Recipe: Lamb Kofte (Dumplings) Servings: About 16 Kofte Ingredients hot water for boiling For the filling 200g minced lamb (not too lean) 1 brown onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tbsp black pepper powder … keep reading

All about the magical Poppy Seed

poppy seed flower

Most of the most beautiful and most innocently looking flower is the Poppy, where Poppy seeds spice come from. Poppy is symbol of important historical events. It is a symbol of the Firs World War, Opium War and all along its story with human has been very complex. Papaver somniferum is one of the most beautiful plants of the Papaver genus. Other names for Papaver somniferum is opium poppy or garden poppy. The Latin name means sleep inducing. In the ancient times, people looked upon it as a magical plant and poppies were associated heavily with black magic wherever they … keep reading