The Spice Trade

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Our favourite Pumpkin Pie recipe

baked pumpkin pie

This pumpkin pie recipe is our true favourite: the first time we made it we could smell it from a distance, and from the very first time ever – the pie tasted even better than it smelled! Every nuance in the pumpkin pie spices can be tasted, and they match beautifully with the sweet earthiness of fresh pumpkins. The recipe takes a while, but is guaranteed to go down a storm when done. This pie is a perfect treat for the Halloween festivities. Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Servings: 8 Ingredients For the dough: 200 g of Flour 80 g Butter 80 … keep reading

Where does Vanilla come from?

vanilla beans drying in madagascar

Most people know Vanilla as the flavour of plain ice cream, the stuff to flavour cakes and cookies with that comes in a little bottle. But true vanilla is so much more. Large coloured beans which grow on trees! Above is the image most cooks and spice buyers are familiar with. The lovely vanilla bean. These are large, plump ones from Madagascar. Below is the much rarer image. The same beans – growing. Here’s a picture from the plantation in Madagascar that our beans come from, growing on the vine. They come in many sizes and thicknesses, and as with … keep reading