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Regency explores: Long Pepper


Long Pepper Indonesia has been very popular in ancient times, for its medical and dietary properties not only in Asia, but widely used by the Greeks and the Romans. As a matter of fact, it is one of the earliest spices to have reached Europe, and was used as a currency! After the introduction of the black pepper in Europe, because of it’s higher price, the fame of the long pepper quickly faded away. Let’s see where the Long Pepper is placed nowadays. Long Pepper is a close relative to Black Pepper, with similar taste but hotter and slightly sweeter … keep reading

Mliako S Oriz (Bulgarian Rice Pudding) recipe

Bulgarian rice pudding

Mliako S Oriz is the Bulgarian version of Rice Pudding, a real treat during the summer heat. From our experience, we’ve seen that some form of rice and milk pudding exists in almost every culture. It’s fascinating to see how different cultures use different ingredients to create new flavour profiles for preparing something that is almost the same, but altogether very different. Unlike most rice puddings, this one is boiled first and then left to cool. Some people also prefer to chill in the fridge and eat it cold – it tastes much better this way. Of course, eating hot … keep reading

The Cajun Seasoning journey and how to use cajun spices

Cajun Seasoning Spices

In Asia we don’t often hear, or see much of American spice blends, perhaps due to the difference in tastebuds, or simply that nobody has tried as yet. Well, we couldn’t stop ourselves from exploring one of the US’s most famous seasonings: Cajun Seasoning, also known as Creole Seasoning / Spices. A good Cajun mix is extremely versatile, but very aggressively spiced and needs to be used with moderation. Yet we find that there are many different variations. Some call for cumin, some ignore it altogether, some are more aggressive on the chillies, and some are stronger with garlic and … keep reading