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Cumin prices trending up

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New crop of cumin has entered the market, but crop this year seems as high as 30-50% less than recent years, according to some estimates. Climate was late by 1 month in the Indian winter, so less cumin was sown, and even less left for harvesting. Last year, we estimate around 400,000-500,000MT of production altogether in India, the origin of the best cumin seeds in the world. In comparison, government reports in Gujarat and Rajasthan (the origin of the spice), say that until 2015, only around 265,000MT were sown. Much production has also recently switched to Coriander and Fenugreek – … keep reading

Nutrition and buying tips: Majoram

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All values below are per 1 tsp (0.6g) of Dried Marjoram. Proximates Water 0.05g Energy 2kcal Protein 0.08g Total lipid (fat) 0.04g Carbohydrate, by difference 0.36g Fiber, total dietary 0.2g Sugars, total 0.02g Minerals Calcium, Ca 12mg Iron, Fe 0.50mg Magnesium, Mg 2mg Phosphorus, P 2mg Potassium, K 9mg Sodium, Na 0mg Zinc, Zn 0.02mg Vitamins Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid 0.3mg Thiamin 0.002mg Riboflavin 0.002mg Niacin 0.025mg Vitamin B-6 0.007mg Folate, DFE 2µg Vitamin B-12 0.00µg Vitamin A, IU 48IU Vietamin E 0.01mg Vitamin D (D2 + D3) 0.0µg Vitamin D 0IU Vitamin K 3.7µg Lipids Fatty acids, total … keep reading

US Government halts sales on major herbal supplements!

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Below is a report issued by New York Attorney General. As we’ve known for some time – chemically processed products, ingredients lists, especially powders / convenience products are very easy to manipulate. However, even we didn’t expect it to be this bad! A.G. Schneiderman Asks Major Retailers To Halt Sales Of Certain Herbal Supplements As DNA Tests Fail To Detect Plant Materials Listed On Majority Of Products Tested Cease And Desist Letters Sent To GNC, Target, Walgreens And Walmart As Most Store Brand Supplements Were Found To Contain Contaminants Not Identified On Ingredient Labels; Just 21% Of Supplement Tests Identified … keep reading