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Vietnamese Pepper: market update

Regency Grade Black Pepper

Although India’s Malabar region is undoubtedly king when it comes to the best black pepper, the largest exporter in the world for black peppercorns is Vietnam. Vietnam accounts for over 30% of all pepper exports as per our last checking. As a result, changes in the Vietnamese Pepper market affect the entire world. Vietnam Pepper crop harvested in first quarter of 2015: Bad weather, heavy rain at pepper flower pollination and pests and diseases were common during the rainy season (Sept, Oct/2014) in most pepper regions. This led to Vietnamese raising the pepper areas to avoid rain / pests, so … keep reading

The Zanzibar Clove Spice market

zanzibar cloves spice market

To many foreigners, the name Zanzibar evokes an idea of an exotic, lavish, beautiful island, famed for it’s spices and sea trade. However great the spices are, the truth is far from beautiful. In contrast, the country is in poverty as well as decline. The country that is renowned in the spice trade for it’s production of top grade Cloves, is gradually in decline. Why? The end consumer has no idea about where their spices come from, and why Zanzibar’s cloves are superior to those grown in other parts of the world. As Cloves are one of the most expensive … keep reading