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Cooking with Spices Part 2: Grinding spices and herbs


This is the second in the series of learning how to cook with spices. In the first post, we saw how easy it was to use spices in cooking. Now we’ll learn how to use all spices. Freshly grinding spices makes them all taste better. Spices lose their taste and flavour the longer they sit powdered. To get the most out of your spices, it’s best to buy whole and powder just before using. A compromise would be to powder weekly. This is still many times better than letting a powder sit on your spice rack for months, as by … keep reading

How to Cook with Spices


Some would say “How to cook” is a more appropriate title. I believe that cooking with spices is that important. It’s nearly impossible to make a good dish without them. Peppers, chilies, all manner of herbs, are almost guaranteed to be present in all your meals. It’s even found in ice cream: Vanilla is a spice. Yet people are still cautious about cooking with spices. By learning to cook with spices, you can improve the quality of any dish. Compared to fresh meat and vegetables, spices are cheap. They’re also painlessly easy to use in cooking, so there’s no reason … keep reading