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A pastry chef's dream vanilla bean. Our superior beans are 4 grams each, and carry two times as much vanilla as most ordinary beans! Because of this, they even have a great depth of flavour, which spans to orchids and berry notes. They can also be used more adventurously to flavour savoury dishes such as raviolis too.


As you may know, there is a global Vanilla crisis and big shortage since mid 2016, and suppliers at origin are now demanding sky high rates for goods, about 5 times what we have paid in 2015... and also a severe shortage of goods. We regret to say that we are not able to send free samples for this product.

Vanilla Beans (Madagascar) Cooking Notes
Cuisine American, British, French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean
Food Pairings Cakes, cookies, ice cream, muffins, sauces, icing, pancakes, pumpkin, chocolate, ravioli, pork, pies
Flavour / Tastes Like Acai, Orchids, Slight Spice
Serving size 1 gram (quarter of a bean). 1 bean is enough to flavour a large cake or batch of 20+ cookies.
Directions for use Slice the vanilla bean in half. Scrape out the pure vanilla using a spoon. Optional tip: Leave the used vanilla bean skin inside a sugar container to flavour your sugar with the vanilla flavour. Used vanilla bean skin can also be cooked in liquids for more flavour.
Recipes Baklava,
Vanilla pod creme brulee,
Mliako S Oriz (Bulgarian Rice Pudding),
Raw Coconut Vanilla Pie,
Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding,
Honey & Lavender Ice Cream,
Flaxseed Smoothie
Vanilla Beans (Madagascar) Technical Notes
Origin Madagascar
Quality* Grade A, Extra Meaty
Industry Knowledge It is a native of Atlantic Coast from Mexico to Brazil. In the wild, vanilla vines (which attach themselves to living trees) may grow to a length of 80 feet or more. At the time of Cortez's visit to the New World, the conquistador observed the Aztec royalty enjoying a sweet drink of vanilla-scented chocolate. Impressed, he took sacks of vanilla beans back to Europe with him along with the gold and gems of the defeated Aztec empire. For the next few hundred years, attempts to cultivate the vanilla orchid outside Mexico and Central America proved futile, until a 12 year old French slave discovered how to hand-pollinate the plant in 1841. Since then, commercial varieties have sprung up throughout the world however, the best come from Madagascar. Here, it is possible to obtain the largest, most meaty sizes, up to 5 and even 6 grams in weight per bean, as opposed to commonly found 1-2 gram pieces. Regency's average vanilla pods are 5.5 grams each. These larger sizes also mean that the vanilla pods are more developed and have complex orchid-like flavours. Learn more about Vanilla.
Also known as Vanilla planifolia
वनिला, 香草
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For 1kg option, product will be packed in vacuum-sealed transparent bag, not our usual aluminium resealable bag.

For 25kg bulk carton, product will be packed in plastic bags inside cartons, not our usual aluminium resealable bag.

Please call before placing order to check we have stock. Our wholesale and bulk sales exist online as well as offline. In rare cases, this means our stock on our store online may not be accurate, and there may be a delay in delivering your order. Wholesale packs we can usually deliver next day, and bulk packs usually within 3-5 days subject to stock. In rare cases where we are out of stock or product is out of season, delivery time can take a few weeks for our factory to process and ship goods.

Vanilla Beans (Madagascar) Physical Characteristics
Appearance 16-20cm whole bean, around 3-4 grams per bean.

*Industry specific terminology.

Please note that our ingredients are 100% natural and processed using traditional methods. As a result there may be some visible imperfections. Our spices will have variations in size and colour due to factors such as the amount of sunlight they received when growing, or the amount of rainfall in a particular season. These differences in appearance are entirely normal, and are the result of not treating them with any chemicals.

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