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100% Natural Spices
100% Natural
Pure and unadulterated
Pure and Unadulterated
Cholesterol Free Herbs
Cholesterol Free
Gluten Free Spices
Gluten Free
No trans fats
No trans fats
No genetically modified organisms
No genetically modified organisms
No added chemicals or preservatives
No added chemicals or preservatives

This seed is not to be confused with Star Anise, Aniseed is an entirely different spice found in the Mediterranean and is one of the most popular spices in cooking today because of it's unbeatable sweet and fresh taste. Regency Aniseed from Turkey imparts a beautiful liquorice, cardamom and honey flavour. It's highly aromatic, and very convenient to use, just like any other seed. Many times in industry, it's also diluted with Carom Seeds, a seed which looks very similar, but has an entirely different flavour. Also known as: anise, saunf, sombu, badishop, variyali.

Aniseed Cooking Notes
Cuisine Mediterranean, British, Australian, Austrian, German, French, Bulgarian, Italian, Mexican, Dutch
Food Pairings Chicken, beef, eggs, pork, fennel, onion, paprika, sugar, honey, liquor, humbugs, cookies, biscuits, bread, breath mint, fajitas, Pfeffernüsse,
Flavour / Tastes Like Cumin, Honey, Cardamom, Liquorice
Serving size 1-2 grams
Directions for use Use seeds whole directly in recipe, no preperation needed. Alternatively grind fresh in an electric spice grinder.
Recipes Six Blends Herb Tea
Aniseed Technical Notes
Origin Turkey
Quality* Grade A, Bold, Special Selection
Also known as Pimpinella anisum
anise, saunf, sombu, badishop, variyali
**Special Note

For 1kg option, product may come packed in vacuum-sealed transparent bag, not our usual refill bags.

We cannot ship bulk purchases made on our website internationally (5kg, 10kg, 20kg cartons and up), and will have to cancel order if placed for overseas customers. Please call or email us direct if you wish to purchase in bulk quantities from us, and a member of our sales team will swiftly attend to your enquiry.

Aniseed Health Benefits (government sources only)
Nutrition Facts High in Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Source and details

*Industry specific terminology.

Please note that our ingredients are 100% natural and processed using traditional methods. As a result there may be some visible imperfections. Our spices will have variations in size and colour due to factors such as the amount of sunlight they received when growing, or the amount of rainfall in a particular season. These differences in appearance are entirely normal, and are the result of not treating them with any chemicals.

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